The Battlefield, September 9, 2016: Health And Honesty On The Campaign Trail

I did a column for The American Spectator last night about Hillary Clinton and the mounting questions about her health, basing it on that interesting video circulating this week that we covered here at The Hayride.

Ted Noel, the anesthesiologist from Orlando who cut the video, says Hillary has Parkinson’s Disease and he thinks it’s in an advanced stage. I’m no doctor. I have no idea what she’s got. I do think that Noel’s theory does seem to have a bit of meat on it given the symptoms Hillary has shown on video. That doesn’t make it a diagnosis, though.

Here’s what I know. Hillary’s people – the Clinton camp – will NEVER tell the public the truth about her health. She could be on death’s door, and they could be animating her by use of ball bearings and steam, and they would still lie and say she’s fine.

And furthermore, they would seek to publicly eviscerate as kooks and conspiracy theorists everyone who persisted in questioning her health.

Until such time as the obfuscations, lies and media Gestapo tactics couldn’t hide the truth anymore. Then would come the shift, as I described in the column by way of a prediction:

A prediction: during this campaign or after the election we’re going to find out that yes, Hillary does have Parkinson’s Disease, and rather than recriminations about the blanket of lies and obfuscations her people have thrown over her infirmity we’ll be offered by Clinton’s media defenders a pottage of praise for Hillary’s heroism in persisting through her disease to pursue “public service” to America.

I base this on the entire pattern of Hillary’s public life. Remember when America was being deluged with stories about Bill Clinton’s serial infidelities and sexual abuse of women under his authority? Remember Hillary’s reaction to those stories? She decried the “vast right-wing conspiracy” that was supposedly ginning them up, and then she personally attacked the women who came forward.

Then came Monica Lewinsky, the White House intern right out of college whom Clinton abused, and the actual proof of his philandering. Not soon after that scandal broke came the new narrative – that Hillary deserved respect from the American people for sticking with Bill through thick and thin, when it was obvious was she was along for the political ride and playing a part for that reason and little else.

How about the treatment of the e-mails? How about the lies and obfuscation and accusations of “conspiracy theory,” leading to fallback lies, obfuscation and more accusations?

How about Benghazi?

We know how these people work. And experience tells us to expect the worst from the Clintons.

Does she have Parkinson’s Disease? Who knows? She clearly has something. We won’t be allowed to find out what she has until she and her husband and their coterie of goons and hangers-on are installed back in the White House. And at that point we will be fed a new narrative.

Should some of us not like it and demand to know why the public was lied to, the fresh accusations of conspiracy theorism and kookery will commence.

Everyone knows this. It’s why the public responds so overwhelmingly to the pollsters’ questions about her honesty.

And if Clinton ends up losing the race, which is beginning to appear possible (the national polling average is showing a narrowing margin, though the state polls still show the Electoral College looks awful), it will be the question of her health which proves her undoing. When it comes to policy issues, Clinton can shrug off her lies by claiming it’s just politics, but when it’s shown her camp can’t even tell the truth about her physical well-being it’s no longer the “vast right-wing conspiracy” at work.


Simplistic-Weapon-12-Battle-Axes-in-Saltire – Speaking of the nastiness of Clinton’s media defenders, have you noticed how much shade they’ve thrown on Matt Lauer of NBC for his conduct of the national-security forum Wednesday night?

IJ Review had a pretty good wrapup of the screaming and yelling, with screenshots…

Not to defend Lauer, who strikes us as a stunning mediocrity as a newsman, but the vitriol over the forum is really telling. Why is there so much flak being thrown at Lauer over his moderation of the forum?

Because Donald Trump won, that’s why. Trump spouted a few of the usual falsities for which he’s guilty, on the history of the Iraq War for example, and Lauer did let him get away with those. But virtually everything Clinton said was a lie and Lauer was just as polite. Here’s a perfect example…

Lauer spent about a third of his questions on Hillary’s e-mails, which is entirely appropriate to have done. You cannot run for president after having compromised the nation’s state secrets as Secretary of State in the manner in which she did without being asked to fully account for your conduct, and Clinton has attempted to make that accounting by use of – as usual – lies and obfuscations. She did it again on Wednesday night and she looked terrible doing it.

That’s not Lauer’s fault. Lauer asked the questions and let the answers speak for themselves, and he did it for both sides.

What Jonathan Chait and the rest of the palace guard are bitching about is that Lauer didn’t put his thumb on the scales the way Candy Crowley did for Barack Obama in the second debate of the 2012 cycle, when Crowley infamously jumped into a Mitt Romney discussion about Benghazi to insert the Obama campaign narrative. That’s known as “fact-checking” to these people, and it goes only one way.

One of the reasons Trump has the support he has is the public’s disgust with the mainstream media. Savaging Matt Lauer, who let’s face it is nobody’s particular favorite on the Right, merely makes more of the case for why.


Simplistic-Weapon-12-Battle-Axes-in-Saltire – We have all kinds of problems in this country. But things could be a lot worse.

We could be India.

India’s government has been on a public toilet building spree. Now, it’s trying to shame people into using them.

An aggressive new campaign ridicules those who are no longer poor but continue to defecate in the open — a practice that remains common in rural India despite its growing wealth and trappings of modern life.

Television commercials and billboards now carry a message that strike at the heart of the Indian contradiction of being the world’s fastest-growing major economy and also where relieving oneself in the open is the norm in most villages.

Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Clean India” mission set a target of 2019 to end the practice, the government built millions of new toilets.

In fact, the advertisements mock the very idea that India is developing. The tagline says: “Only the habit of using a toilet is real progress.”

And the ridiculing is done by children.

“Uncle, you wear a tie around your neck, shoes on your feet, but you still defecate in the open. What kind of progress is this?” asks a child in one commercial. Another says: “You may have a smartphone in your hand, but you still squat on train tracks.”

Children are also shown making fun of men who buy a new flat-screen TV, refrigerator and a motorcycle but do not use a toilet.

Indians are great people. You can’t help but be impressed with Indians who’ve made it to America; their industriousness, work ethic, intelligence and integrity. And India is a fascinating country in the midst of a societal awakening. We should all be rooting for them to have great success in lifting themselves out of poverty and into free markets and modernity.

But don’t fall into the multiculturalist trap which says all cultures have equal worth. It’s bullshit. Our culture is far better than Indian culture is. The Indians know it, and that’s why they’re working so hard to shed as much of theirs as they can. It’s only left-wingers in this country peddling the idea we’re not ahead of them.


– Back to Hillary. Roger L. Simon had a great piece at PJ Media Wednesday about her e-mails, and FBI director James Comey’s role in getting her off the prosecutorial hook for them.

And what Comey’s fate ought to be.


The revelations from the FBI interview with Clinton that were shamelessly slipped under the door like a throwaway paper in a cheap motel over Labor Day weekend made me think this:

If were I an FBI agent, I would despise James Comey. He has humiliated the FBI and all its employees. The institution will never be the same, at least not for decades to come. The FBI is no longer an instrument of justice. It is the reverse. It is an obfuscater of justice and an enabler of the rich and powerful. How depressing and disgusting.God help our republic.

Exaggerated? Not in the slightest.

Consider this:

Hillary Clinton, who had told us she had one cellphone, turned out to have hadthirteen such phones and five iPads, all of which have mysteriously disappeared, two having been smashed by hammers — this, although the information on all of them was legally government property. Was she arrested for this or even cited? Did the FBI even ask why she did this or why she had so many phones? Some wag on television said she must have been a crack dealer.

More importantly, did the FBI even ask her the most obvious of questions: why in the world did she put ALL her government emails on a private home-brew server (and then have them deleted with the most advanced data eradication software available — five stars on CNET — two days after these emails came under subpoena)? Was that because the equally obvious answer — to avoid any possible public scrutiny of her actions (for a variety of suspicious reasons) — is itself felonious?

Of course, Comey knew this. He is the one who did not want these obvious questions and many others asked. He is the one who allowed Clinton to testify without being under oath. He is the one who de facto allowed her to assert she did not “recall” the most well known and common things like the circle “c”  insignia for classified email without being questioned, further allowing her to do this a staggering 37 times. Clinton didn’t even have to take the Fifth.  (And this woman is running for president of the United States.)

What a coward Comey is. When Julian Assange starts to release his next round of emails, the director may have to commit hara-kiri. It will be the only honorable way to go, failing his resignation.

You knew something terrible had happened with Comey when he took to Congress to explain that a statute specifically eschewing the requirement of criminal intent actually required criminal intent to be prosecutable. No legitimate law enforcement professional does that, and yet Comey did.

And now we know more of the story. It’s only gotten worse.

Simon is right. Comey needs to resign and come clean, resign in disgrace or be forced out by Congress. There ought to be consequences to him for engaging in the cover-up of Hillary’s e-mail scandal.


Simplistic-Weapon-12-Battle-Axes-in-Saltire – Ready for a Today’s Last Thing? We certainly are. For a short week due to Labor Day, this seems like a long week.

So we have this, by which we were gloriously entertained. It’s an account of the unmitigated disaster that was Kanye West’s attempt to cast himself as a fashion designer.

Kanye West’s “Yeezy Season 4” fashion collection was unveiled Wednesday — and it was an utter disaster.

Models stumbled and bumbled down a makeshift runway as the stilettos “designed” by the modesty-challenged rapper practically disintegrated under their feet.

The much-anticipated event — which started nearly two hours late — was staged on the grounds of a long-abandoned smallpox hospital on Roosevelt Island.

Fuming guests were trapped on buses while waiting for Yeezy to show, and at least one model fainted from the heat.

In one Instagram video by New York Observer fashion writer Zach Weiss, a model in a dark hooded coat and slacks nearly topples over when her heels fall apart.

“Lots of shoes breaking today at #YEEZYSEASON4 — But the clothes look good!” Weiss cracked about the Fashion Week event.

It has long been a source of puzzlement to us how Kanye West became famous in the first place. He can’t sing, he doesn’t appear to know how to play an instrument, his command of the English language is limited, he doesn’t appear to have any acting skills, when he opens his mouth to discuss subjects of any substance the result is unfortunate at best, and now that he imagines himself a trendsetter in the fashion world there is absolutely no room for doubt as to his talent.

The man is a clown. It seems he offers culture for stupid people, and there is no shortage of those. One would hope for better. In the meantime, we can at least laugh at his failure.

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