The Low Popahirum, September 29, 2016


“As a White House staffer who worked directly adjacent to Hillary Clinton’s second floor West Wing office, Linda Tripp was afforded a front row seat to some of the most infamous scandals to rock the Bill Clinton White House.” – Breitbart

More than 100 people were reported hurt, many critically, and others remained trapped after a train slammed into a busy station in Hoboken, N.J., during the Thursday morning commute as emergency workers rushed to the scene.” – Fox News

Hillary Clinton has wrestled with allegations surrounding her husband’s infidelities for much of their 40-year marriage, including a sexual harassment lawsuit, a grand jury investigation and an impeachment vote centered on his untruthfulness about a relationship with a White House intern.” – Washington Post

“From the candidate himself to his staff and supporters, Donald Trump has a new line about his ‘restraint’ in not talking about Monica Lewinsky. His campaign manager says there’s no official talking points effort to her knowledge.” –

“Department of Homeland Security head Jeh Johnson informed Americans on Wednesday that the country is likely to suffer more domestic terror attacks, warning that the department cannot make all threats ‘a priority’ and that the likelihood of an extremist ‘attack is still there,’ despite the department’s best efforts.” –

Despite decades of precedent among presidential candidates, Donald Trump has been steadfast in his refusal to release his tax returns. ‘You don’t learn that much from tax returns,’ he said at the first presidential debate on Monday, where he claimed that he has been getting audited by the IRS almost every year for 15 years. ‘You will learn more about Donald Trump by going down to the federal elections,’ Trump suggests, ‘where I filed a 104-page essentially financial statements of sorts.'” –

President Barack Obama wants Colin Kaepernick to think about the pain he’s causing military families the next time he takes a knee during the national anthem.” – Politico

Earth is in the midst of its sixth mass extinction: Somewhere between 30 and 159 species disappear every day, thanks largely to humans, and more than 300 types of mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians have vanished since 1500. These rates do not bode well for the future of life on our planet, but what if extinction wasn’t permanent? What if we could resurrect some of the species we’ve lost?” –

“Two widely recognized trends in American society might have something to do with each other.” – The Washington Post

“Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson, former two-term Republican governor of New Mexico, was stumped Wednesday night when MSNBC host Chris Matthews asked him to name his ‘favorite foreign leader.'” – The Blaze


Economist Dr. Loren Scott said the state will lose about 17,300 jobs in 2016 and will still be feeling the effects of falling oil prices into 2017.” –

A dollar figure for Louisiana’s budget deficit will be released next month, after the state’s financial analysts finish reconciling the accounting books.” –

A number of Louisiana police officers are refusing to work patrols at Bonnabel High School football games after a majority of players knelt during the National Anthem, taking the gesture from NFL player Colin Kaepernick.” – Breitbart

Two people wearing scary clown masks were spotted Monday night (Sept. 26) inside a grocery store in St. James Parish, according to authorities. The appearance was caught on camera.” –

“Central High School announced that Baton Rouge Police Officer Matthew Gerald will be inducted into the school’s Hall of Fame.” –

“They say every dog has its day and ‘Danny’ certainly had his Wednesday.” –

“The $500 million in federal aid for victims of the Louisiana flood of 2016 survived layers of political maneuvering in the Senate this week, and House Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R-Jefferson, said Wednesday (Sept. 28) he expects the House to soon send it to President Barack Obama’s desk.” –

Body camera footage released Wednesday afternoon shows the moment two local marshals opened fired on a car killing a child and injuring his father and the confusion that ensued when additional authorities arrived at the scene.” –

“Last week, SMOR pollster released a poll that showed Republicans Congressman Charles Boustany and Louisiana treasurer John Kennedy leading with 17 and 15 points, respectively.” –

A federal appeals court will hear arguments in the fight over Confederate era monuments in New Orleans and whether the city can legally take them down.” –



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