If The POLITICO/Morning Consult Poll Is Correct, The FBI Reinvestigation Of Hillary Won’t Change Anything

It shouldn’t be a colossal surprise to hear that Trump can’t win, according to a pollster, but some of the findings in the poll taken over the weekend are disturbing. From the poll memo…

  • Clinton leads Trump by 3 points: Clinton leads Trump 42% to 39%. Trump had gained three points in a poll taken right before Comey sent his letter to Capitol Hill. The numbers did not move after the news broke Friday.
  • Most Have Heard About New FBI Probe : Nine in 10 (89%) say they have heard a lot or some about the specific FBI announcement last week. GOP voters (94%) are more tuned in than Democrats (85%).
    • Overall, 97% say they have heard a lot or some about Clinton using a private email server. Morning Consult Chief Research Officer Kyle Dropp said, “that’s the highest level of awareness for any issue we have tested.”
  • Worse than Watergate? Nearly half of those surveyed, 45%, say the Clinton emails were worse than the Watergate scandal, a talking point Trump has hammered since news broke Friday. More than eight in 10 Republicans say it is worse than Watergate.
  • Voters Concerned About Investigation Continuing into Presidency: 61% of voters are somewhat or very concerned about the investigation into Clinton’s email server continuing into her administration if she is elected president.
  • Anthony Weiner is More Unpopular than Russia: Only 8% have a favorable view of Anthony Weiner, whereas 62% have an unfavorable view. By comparison, 20% have a favorable view of Russia.
  • Voters Are Split on Which ‘October Surprise’ is Worse: When forced to pick what is worse, 45% say Clinton’s emails, while another 48% said Trump’s comments regarding women and minorities are worse.
  • Views on Ethics, Legality of Email Server Unchanged: 55% say Clinton’s use of a private email server was illegal, which remains unchanged from Morning Consult polling in July after the FBI recommended no charges. Similarly, 64% say her use was unethical (62% in July).

How anybody could think, without minimizing the fact that Trump’s behavior toward women reflects poorly, and probably accurately, on his character, that comments he made to Billy Bush are somehow more important to his fitness for office than that Hillary Clinton was running a criminal bribery and fraud enterprise attached to her job as Secretary of State…that’s frankly terrifying.

But apparently there is 48 percent of the population which believes a man who talks about women as sex objects is a larger threat to the Republic than someone who is quite literally an organized crime figure. And that 48 percent is a larger number than the 42 percent who say they’re for Hillary, so assumedly these are not partisan Democrats. And this despite a large majority – 55 and 64 percent – who say her private e-mail server was illegal and unethical, respectively.

We don’t know that the Morning Consult poll is accurate. If it is, the problem isn’t Hillary. The problem is the American people. But of course it would have been helpful to have a better GOP nominee.

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