The Battlefield, October 14, 2016: Clowns, Jokers, Frauds And Thieves

There is so much amazing dirt on the Democrat Party coming out of the now-daily Wikileaks e-mail dumps that in a sane world there would be almost no attention paid to Donald Trump’s boorish and inappropriate sexual advances.

Let’s get something straight here – we’re not going to defend Trump as a virtuous man who’s being slandered. Whether the women who’ve come forward to claim he made inappropriate advances on them are lying or not, it doesn’t particularly matter. Trump’s marital history alone proves that he’s a complete jackass in his personal life. Nobody divorces BOTH Ivana and Marla in the same lifetime. Nobody. Trump did it after he’d had children with both.

So we know he’s a jerk. That he said what he said on that Access Hollywood hot-mic video proves he’s a jerk. That’s not “locker-room banter,” it’s a jerk talking.

And because he’s a jerk, Trump is a poor spokesman for the narrative that Hillary Clinton is an enabler of sexual abuse on the part of Bill Clinton. That narrative is, as we’ve known for two decades, 100 percent true – and in a sane world it wouldn’t even be a political narrative because American society would have dispatched the Clintons to the political trash heap in 2000, never to be heard from again. A Republican nominee with a general reputation for honesty and honor would be able to promulgate that narrative as part of an overall message calling for America to commit itself to rise above the pervasive sin in our society, and if that could be done in a way that wasn’t dependent on the religiosity of the audience it would be like kryptonite against Hillary.

We don’t have that, so instead we have an election in the gutter.

We have a New York Times “expose'” purporting to lay Trump bare for having molested a woman in first class on a plane in the 1980’s – and her story is less than credible given that it depends on Trump’s being able to lift the armrest between his seat and hers, which may or may not have been possible depending on what type of plane this supposedly took place in (Leeds claims that she flew on a Braniff Boeing 707 from Dallas to New York, but research indicates Braniff only used 727’s for those flights and on a 727 the armrest was not adjustable). Additionally, it seems somewhat implausible that anyone would make unwanted sexual advances to strangers in a first-class cabin where flight attendants are a constant presence. And further, Jessica Leeds, the accuser, may or may not have fit the profile of someone Trump would make advances toward – for one thing she’s five years older than Trump, and for another, let’s just say “meh.” That her characterization of Trump as “like an octopus” is a peculiar phrasing which seems as though it’s a direct lift from a Velvet Underground song adds a bit more uncertainty to her cause. What we do know is she’s a Hillary Clinton donor and activist of long standing who all of a sudden shows up as an October surprise. On balance, we’ll call this one a fraud.

We also have a woman named Rachel Crooks, who says Trump mashed her against an elevator wall and forcibly kissed her on the mouth when she was a 22-year old receptionist at a company in Trump Tower. Crooks is also an activist Hillary Clinton supporter who may or may not have been attempting to break into the modeling industry at the time. Her story is a bit more credible than Leeds’, but again the fact she’s a Democrat partisan who works at a left-leaning college in Ohio (meaning that a false accusation against Trump wouldn’t damage her career) makes her story an easy one to tell.

And there is People Magazine reporter Natasha Stoynoff, who wrote a glowing puff piece about Trump’s one-year anniversary with his current wife despite, she now says, having been pressed against a wall and forcibly kissed by Trump at his Mar-a-Lago club. Eleven years later she published a first-person account of her supposed ordeal, which includes an allegation that she saw Melania Trump on the street in New York and the latter complained at not getting to see Stoynoff any longer – which Mrs. Trump through her lawyer says is a lie and is threatening to sue if it’s not retracted. Stoynoff’s story is possible, but it doesn’t appear she was overly traumatized by Trump given that she later boasted of getting notes from Kirk Douglas, who in his time was known for rather “rapey” behavior in the Hollywood circuit and also took publicity photos with Mike Tyson. Her story has the feel of a cheap publicity stunt more than a true grievance.

Finally, there is a Palm Beach Post story containing an allegation by a woman named Mindy McGillivray, whose criminal record includes a pair of minor felonies (breaking into a school when she was 17, plus a DWI with her child in the car) and who says that when she helped a friend who did party photos at Mar-A-Lago events she was accosted by Trump twice – once in 2001 when he flirted with her as she was coming out of a bathroom, and again in 2003 when he supposedly groped her rear end amid a crowd backstage after Ray Charles had performed there. McGillivray’s story might be true, but one might be forgiven for asking why the Palm Beach Post would even bother publishing something this insignificant.

We don’t discount that Trump has a problem with his treatment of women. If it were up to us there would be someone totally different atop the GOP ticket. And Trump should be spending a lot more time on the Clintons’ political corruption than Bill’s sexual proclivities, given the blowback he asked for by doing so. But the character of this week’s “racy” disclosures just looks cheap. On balance they might well work, though recent polling seems to be inconclusive if not showing Trump regaining some of what he lost after the Access Hollywood video. But what seems difficult not to recognize is that the public trust in the media as an unbiased and substantive institution aiding our democracy is gone forever.


Simplistic-Weapon-12-Battle-Axes-in-Saltire – Meanwhile, more and more evidence of the widespread nature of voter fraud continues to tumble forth despite Democrat claims that it’s “rare” and “insignificant” – perhaps Republicans should start participating in the same kinds of things Democrats do and we’ll see how quickly that lack of concern dissipates.

James O’Keefe is back with another sting video, and this one is fabulously done. Here he is catching Alan Schulkin, the Democratic Commissioner of the New York City Board of Elections, essentially giving away the store with an admission that vote fraud is widespread…

Seems like a much more dramatic and substantial item for the New York Times to dig into than a couple of Democrat activists who say Trump kissed them years ago, no?


Simplistic-Weapon-12-Battle-Axes-in-Saltire – From our pal Donny Ferguson, something else the New York Times isn’t making much hay with this week…

SWORN DEPOSITION: I never got permission for the server.
SWORN DEPOSITION: I got the idea from Colin Powell.
BENGHAZI COMMITTEE TESTIMONY: I got permission for the server.
FBI INTERVIEW: I never got the idea from Colin Powell.

All four of those statements can’t be correct. Two of those four sworn statements have to be false.

Clinton has a legal problem here, because all four of those statements were made under penalty of perjury.

It’s a crime to lie to the FBI, even when not under oath.

It’s a crime to lie to a House committee in sworn testimony.

It’s also a crime to lie in a deposition. In fact, it’s what got Bill Clinton impeached, fine and stripped of his law license.

What’s he talking about? This

Hillary Clinton admitted under oath this week that she doesn’t recall asking anyone for permission to use a secret server and email account during her time in the State Department, contradicting previous public pronouncements that she had received approval.

Mrs. Clinton said she didn’t recall seeing a 2011 warning about increased hacking attempts on senior department officials’ private accounts and that she didn’t actually write another warning that was sent under her name.

“Secretary Clinton states that she does not recall being advised, cautioned, or warned during her tenure as Secretary of State about hacking or attempted hacking of her e-mail account or the server that hosted her account,” she said in sworn testimony dated Monday and filed in federal court Thursday.

A judge had ordered Mrs. Clinton to provide testimony as he decides whether the State Department fully complied with the Freedom of Information Act, which gives the public a right to see its public officials’ records — including emails that contain government business.

Hillary’s problem isn’t just that she’s a liar, it’s that she’s an atrociously bad liar. She’s as lousy at that as she seems to be at a lot of other things which would seem to be important if she’s going to be president.


Simplistic-Weapon-12-Battle-Axes-in-Saltire – Did you notice that Hurricane Matthew, despite being a massive storm, really wasn’t as bad as feared in terms of the damage it caused?

That’s not to minimize the damage the storm did. It was a major disaster where it hit. But all things considered it could have been a whole lot worse.

Which is terrible news for the global warming crowd, who wanted corpses and rubble everywhere. An Investors’ Business Daily column…

Chicago mayor and Clinton crony Rahm Emanuel famously said to never let a crisis go to waste in politics. In the case of Hurricane Matthew, some political operatives and global warming true believers might have wanted the crisis to be worse than it was. It would be consistent with their history.

Hurricane Matthew killed at least 30 Americans and more than 1,000 in total. Damage is estimated to be at least $5 billion.

But apparently that’s not enough death and destruction for the alarmists.

Before Matthew made landfall Saturday in South Carolina, it had been more than 4,000 days since the last hurricane hit the U.S. That’s 10 years, 11 months and about a week.

The alarmists were itching for a large-scale disaster because every day that went by without a hurricane, especially an epic one, meant that their predictions that man-made global warming was going to cause more and bigger storms was another day that made them look like the cons and hopelessly conned that they are.

Their impatient craving for a crisis was summed up well two years ago in August when a fellow named Greg Blanchette tweeted that he “kind of” hoped that North America “gets its ass kicked this hurricane season. It would motivate us on climate action.”

Is this the same Greg Blanchette who proposed that service stations be forced to place frightening global warming warnings on gas-pump nozzles, an idea that’s now law in North Vancouver, British Columbia? Maybe not. But it doesn’t matter. If they’re not the same person, it simply means there are two climate cranks running loose out there with the same name.

A couple of years before Blanchette was wishing for wreck and ruin, British naturalist David Attenborough said that “disaster” was needed to wake people up to the threat of climate change.

The “disasters” the U.S. had experience up to that point “with hurricanes and floods”, he said, “doesn’t do it,” so the crisis he was been hoping for must be truly cataclysmic.

On Friday, as Matthew barreled up Florida’s coast, Marshall Shepherd, a professor in atmospheric sciences at the University of Georgia, tweeted about the “ridiculous complaining” he was seeing about the hurricane being less severe than expected.

“Some seem disappointed there isn’t tragic loss of life/apocalyptic,” he said.

At some point we’re going to have to recognize that the global warming crowd is no different from the animal rights nuts at PETA; while there is a certain element of goldbricking involved that explains some of the faux-environmental activism, essentially the element that explains both is a profound hatred of humanity. And to take advice from someone who hates you is a mistake.


Simplistic-Weapon-12-Battle-Axes-in-Saltire– How about a Today’s Last Thing? This week we’ve been exploring the music world, looking for some quality tunes that the despots who run our awful corporate radio stations won’t give us exposure to, seeing as though they insist on forcing Kanye West, Justin Bieber and the like upon us.

And what we found out is Kings of Leon has a new album out today, which is not bad. Not bad at all.

A few tracks from the album…



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