Trial Lawyers Are Once Again Trying To Buy A Seat On The Louisiana Supreme Court

The trial lawyers are trying to buy the Third District seat on the Louisiana Supreme Court. Their candidate is Jimmy Genovese who is running against conservative Marilyn Castle.

The trial lawyers are opening their money up for Genovese. Castle on the other hand is being backed by business groups and conservatives. Castle has also won the endorsement of all four LABI PACs, NFIB, and the Louisiana Republican Party.

Why are conservatives rallying to Castle? Because Jimmy Genovese has already proven to be little more than a stooge of the trial lawyers on the Louisiana 3rd Circuit Court of Appeal.

In 2013, Jimmy Genovese scored a whopping 24% on the Institute of Legal Reform’s Judicial Evaluation, which is sponsored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and then scored a 37% three years later. The 3rd Circuit is the worst appeals court in Louisiana, which is an accomplishment given the trial lawyer stranglehold over Louisiana’s courts.


2013 2016
Amy 73% Amy 68%  
Gremillion 69% Conery 67%  
Keaty 47% Gremillion 62%  
Pickett 44% Keaty 48%  
Ezell 39% Pickett 45%  
Peters 34% Ezell 40%  
Painter 33% Genovese 37%  
Genovese 24% Peters 33%  
Thibodeaux 16% Thibodeaux 29%  
Saunders 13% Saunders 16%  
Cooks 11% Cooks 13%  
Savoie          not rated  

Just for comparison, here’s how the Louisiana Supreme Court rated on the scorecard, again the higher the percentage, the more pro-business the judge.

Supreme Court Scorecard ( 2016 Institute of Legal Reform Scorecard )

Guidry                  85%

Clark                      75%

Weimer                69%

Knoll                      58%

Hughes                 58%

Johnson               49%


Where Genovese would rank…

Genovese            37%

Genovese is more of a trial lawyer stooge than any other judge currently sitting.

Jimmy Genovese is raking in the trial lawyer money. He has raised $795,309.32 of which $716,050.96 is from lawyers, their spouses and their affiliated businesses. That means 90% of Genovese’s money comes from the trial lawyers.

Which trial lawyers are giving money? Most of them. Among the donors are heavyweights like Morris Bart ($15,000), Edward Womac ($5,000), Ravi Sangisetty ($5,000), Taylor Townsend ($5,000), Bruno & Bruno ($5,000), Chip Forstall ($6,500), among many others.

There is a clear choice between a trial lawyer stooge and a conservative for the Louisiana Supreme Court. Choose wisely.

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