BAYHAM: The Triumph Of The Trump Movement

If there is one thing that the man who will become the 45th president has said that is now undeniable is that his candidacy was a movement.

I attended a half dozen Donald Trump events in five different states and all of them were in cavernous facilities that were crammed with humanity by the time The Donald walked on the stage.

Lines typically formed outside the venues over five hours in advance, and in several cases, people had to bide their time outside in the elements. This was happening on the same days that media favorite Marco Rubio was having trouble filling up modest sized hotel ballrooms.

And Trump didn’t need Lady Gaga or Katy Perry to pack the house.

While his celebrity was part of the draw, notoriety alone could not set new attendance records for the stadiums where he appeared.

People flocked to Trump events because of his strident manner and message of strengthening the nation economically and securing the country’s borders.

When Trump was threatened with personal economic retribution for having the audacity to state that not all people illegally crossing the border with Mexico were saints, the real estate developer took the sizable hit to his wallet without fuss.

Trump may have personally lost money from the skirmish but he demonstrated strength that seemed lacking in the other 16 candidates who recognized Hillary Clinton for the weak and hobbled candidate she proved to be.

When Hillary Clinton labeled Trump’s supporters as deplorables, she lost the election.

Though Trump had made plenty of coarse comments on the campaign trail and had some of his pre-campaign banter broadcast around the world, the already unpopular Clinton managed to further damage her own image while motivating Trump’s base to hit the polls.

Mocking Rosie O’Donnell’s looks is crass but insulting tens of millions of Americans who oppose sanctuary cities and calling them irredeemable was a declaration of war on the deplorables.  It was no longer of wanting to vote for Trump; at that moment it became a necessity.

Furthermore, Trump personified the revolt against political correctness in a country where there are now more severe consequences for violating the progressive social etiquette than the commission of actual crimes.

Trump conducted the most unconventional campaign in American history, though he won despite of that not because of it.  The high rate of turnover in campaign leadership and poorly produced television advertisements would’ve been the end of any other candidate.

There was no real ground game.  Trump didn’t have many campaign storefronts even in swing states.  And his operation seemed heavier in advance team personnel than experienced field operatives.

Trump prevailed due to his dynamic personality, strong message, and the constant overreach of his opposition, both those on Hillary Clinton’s payroll and those who acted like they were (the media and entertainment industry).

In fact the biggest loser in the 2016 election aside from the Clinton family is the media.

They stagger out of the presidential cycle distrusted and held in contempt by much of the nation.

Though reporters and columnists have fretted the way Trump has targeted them at his rallies, if there were no truth to the charge it would not stick.

Trump was treated unfairly at the first two general election debates and the coverage of the two campaigns could not have been more different.

It was always sunny in Clintonland while Trump Country was consistently shrouded under dark menacing clouds.

The folks with degrees from Columbia University’s journalism school must have thought the public were dolts and would not catch on to their racket.  Not only was it apparent but the folks at Wikileaks provided the smoking gun exposing the outright collusion between the Clinton campaign and the media.

Thus far the only person who has suffered any consequence was Donna Brazile, whose relationship with CNN, which had already been suspended because of her appointment as DNC chair, was terminated.

Trump benefitted from broad discontent in this country, which was undetected by elites who were insulated from the fallout of their own policies, particularly ObamaCare.

While the president’s signature legislative achievement has been very good for a select group, it has proven to be a financial burden for the hoi polloi.

Once again Hillary was undone by Obama.

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