VIDEO: Whiny Children Protest Democracy In New Orleans

WWL-TV has the story of a bunch of leftist college kids and gutter punks who decided to descend on Lee Circle in New Orleans to throw tantrums over Donald Trump getting elected…

Similar examples of acting-out took place at a high school in Arizona and at the University of California at Berkeley, where students walked out of classrooms in protest of the results of the election.

And the Times-Picayune’s writeup of the “protest,” which looks a whole lot more like a near-riot, has pictures of defaced buildings around New Orleans the children vandalized – including the Hotel Monteleone, the Lee monument and One Shell Square. In addition, the Chase Bank on St. Charles Avenue had its windows shattered.

This is the sort of activity which proves what terrible people the Social Justice crowd are, and how poorly qualified they are to make up a productive segment of the American electorate. One of the great achievements of American democracy is that for more than 200 years we’ve specialized in the peaceful exchange of political power following our elections; the respect for election results is one of the pillars of our political system.

And these people have none of that respect. They don’t understand the principles behind our system or even know how it works. And they are so coddled, so ridiculously spoiled, that they believe their feelings actually take precedence over the system.

You don’t feel like Trump represents young people? Guess what, Snowflake – nobody cares how you feel. The country, through our system of representative democracy, decided that Trump represents everybody. That’s what winning an election is all about. He represents you whether you like it or not, just like more than 60 million Americans who voted against Barack Obama had to accept that Obama represented them regardless of their wishes.

One wonders whether an educational system which discourages competition and an “everybody gets a trophy” culture which attempts to have them play sports without keeping score is what caused this. One thing kids learn from competitive sports and other such activities is how to lose without disgracing oneself. These children, and they are children regardless of how old they might be, because they are clearly not fully formed adults, have no such coping skills.

And one challenge Trump will have as president is to rip out whatever the federal government is doing to foment such a culture, and replace it with something that reinforces traditional American character. Because the radical vandal children of Lee Circle have none of it.

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