The New Foster Campbell Ad Cites…Daily Kos…As A Source

The nation’s largest lefty political blog, Daily Kos, is not happy with Caroline Fayard. Here’s how they describe her attack ad against Foster Campbell in their daily newsletter.

In what appears to be a first for us, a campaign TV spot is citing us as a source. We recently took issue with a commercial run by attorney Caroline Fayard against Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell, a fellow Democrat, in the Louisiana Senate race. Fayard’s ad compared Campbell to former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, mendaciously employing an audio clip of Campbell declaring at a recent debate, “I might be like Mr. Duke.” Campbell was off-handedly saying that, like Duke, he could name more than two tax exemptions he wanted to eliminate, but Fayard’s spot made it sound like Campbell was admitting he was also a racist.

Foster Campbell has now cut an ad citing Daily Kos’s criticism of Caroline Fayard as he tries to secure the second runoff slot against John Kennedy.

Daily Kos is pleased to be cited in an ad.

In Campbell’s new spot, he characterizes Fayard as “privileged, entitled, inexperienced, using her personal wealth to try and buy a Senate seat.” As Campbell speaks, several newspapers flash by with unflattering headlines about Fayard, including one “newspaper” called “The Daily Kos” that features a photo of Duke. The headline reads, “One of the most scummy ads of the year, courtesy of Democrat Caroline Fayard.” While we never used that as a headline (and last we checked, we don’t have a print edition), we did indeed publish those words.

The Kos kids also point out that Foster Campbell is also trying to buy a U.S. Senate seat.

We’ll also note that, while Campbell castigates Fayard for “using her personal wealth to try and buy a Senate seat,” he hasn’t hesitated to self-fund his Senate bid, too. As of the end of September, Campbell loaned his campaign $750,000, a bit more than the $650,000 Fayard put into her own effort. Good luck trying to get an appealing headline out of that sentence. Now if you’ll excuse us, we need to go on our paper route. We have a lot of copies of The Daily Kos to deliver around the French Quarter before the sun rises.

The reason why both Campbell and Fayard are self-funding is because there is no Democratic base in Louisiana. It’s why either one in the runoff is the same as a John Kennedy outright victory.

Democrat on Democrat violence in the U.S. Senate primary is always fun to watch and this latest flap is no different.

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