Great Moments In Obnoxious-Lefty Letter-Writing Continue Even After The Electoral College Meets

Today, Louisiana elector Christian Gil passed us this gem…

Congratulations on f**king up so f**king hard you god damn f**king idiots y’all had one f**king chance to show that your job isn’t completely f**king uselessly and you f**king blew it.

Y’all had MILLIONS of americans f**king BEGGING you to not f**king elect donald f**king trump and all the faithless electors were towards f**king CLINTON???? are you f**king kidding me? Y’all lose your god damn minds over some f**king emails but a candidate cheating via foreign DICTATOR is perfectly f**king fine? f**k you.

Y’all want to “”””make america great again”””” but now thanks to you idiots we’re just a giant f**king joke to everyone else in the world congratuf**kinglations. If my father and my boyfriend die because donald f**ks with their health insurance and they can’t get the insulin that they need to f**king LIVE then it’s YOUR f**king fault.

You had one god damn job: save the american people if we somehow manage to elect an unfit president and you f**ked up so f**king hard and for what? your duty? your duty is to protect the american people and you sure as hell didn’t f**king do that because you ignored millions of citizens voices because you’re probably just as f**king racist and sexist as donald.

When trump runs this country to the ground, destroys the enviroment, destroys all our foreign relations, kills thousands over his bigoted stupid f**king ideas it’ll be YOUR FAULT. f**k you f**k you so fucking much you f**king f**ks f**k you.

Oh and the president is a f**king pedophile and a rapist so f**k you for that too.

F**k you sincerely,

your job is useless and you doomed us all f**k you.

No name given. At this point it’s not really necessary.

Nor is much analysis. What can you say about someone who would send this to a total stranger?

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