Great Moments In Obnoxious Lefty Letter-Writing Now Include Death Threats

The unhinged Hillary Clinton supporters seeking to overturn the results of the presidential election haven’t lost any steam in harassing members of the Electoral College. This morning our friend Garrett Monti, who has now been the recipient of more than 72,572 e-mails from Democrats demanding he become a faithless elector and abandon his pledge to vote to make Donald Trump the president, passed along this rather frightening missive…

From: Dane Marshall <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, Dec 13, 2016 at 11:02 PM
Subject: A vote for Trump is treason against the United States of America
To: …

Forget the popular vote: Donald Trump colluded with a foreign power to commit election fraud. We have a word for that: TREASON. Donald’s private servers had emails with the Kremlin. He publicly challenged Russia in campaign speeches to hack Hillary’s emails and influence the election. The CIA has concluded that that is exactly what happened. If the congressional investigation finds that Trump colluded with Putin to hack DNC and Clinton servers to release information to benefit Trump in the election, that will result in charges of TREASON. We have a punishment for that: execution. And any co-conspirators, such as James Comey or Mitch McConnell, should find their places in front of the firing squad as well.

You are not immune. All of this information is available to you now. I have a copy of this email to prove that the info was presented to you. If you knowingly vote for One who has commit treason to be President, you are a collaborator. Betrayer of the United States of America. Beggar of death. You may not be held accountable in the courts, but I guarantee you will be held accountable by true patriots. We know who you are. Choose wisely.

Monti, who is no particular wilting flower, said he’d relent and actually let the state police know about this one.

“Beggar of death” is a poetic turn of phrase, to be sure, but no – you’re not allowed to threaten to kill an elector if they vote a certain way.

Most of the numbskulls engaged in this exercise in harassment haven’t gone as far as Dane Marshall has, but there is doubtless an organized campaign by Democrats, and perhaps even the Hilary Clinton campaign, to inundate them with demands they go faithless – their websites are full of posts like this one from a louse named J Graham at the Daily Kos exhorting them to fire off those e-mail demands.

And then there’s this widely-overpublicized letter from a “bipartisan” group of 55 electors demanding that James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, provide them with more information about how the Russians fixed the election for Trump before they’ll agree to vote in the Electoral College meeting on Monday.

The letter was written by Christine Pelosi. If that name sounds familiar it’s because she’s Nancy Pelosi’s daughter. And the “bipartisan” group is made up of 54 Democrat electors from states Hillary Clinton won, and one Republican – Christopher Suprun from Texas, who earned himself 15 minutes of fame by penning an op-ed at the New York Times last week about how he can’t vote for Trump. It’s come out since then that Suprun has a lot of baggage, financial and otherwise, and is represented by a left-wing PR firm started by Van Jones – the implication being that he’s quite likely serving as a trained seal for the Democrats in return for financial gain.

So much for “bipartisanship.”

This whole effort is little more than a refusal of the Democrat Party to accept an election they lost. Sending electors like Monti more than 70,000 e-mails that include death threats might be the most offensive and obnoxious thing they’ve ever done. And if Trump is every bit as terrible a tyrant as the Democrats accuse him of being, they’ve certainly made their bed should he visit a parade of horribles upon them over the next four years.

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