JEANSONNE: DNC Hacked or DNC Hacks? You Decide.

Recently, the DNC, Clinton, Obama, and just about every liberal has been screaming about the Russians hacking into the emails and systems of the DNC, thus hacking the election. Did the Russians really hack the DNC? It is a possibility; however, there are many ways that internet traffic can be routed to make it look like someone from Russia was hacking their systems.

Some of you may be thinking, how could someone hack into the DNC or how could someone from the inside send the information and not get caught? One of the more probable answers is both amazing and terrifying at the same time. The answer is TOR or The Onion Relay. TOR is designed to really cover your tracks online. TOR heavily encrypts your data in multiple layers, hence the Onion name, and sends it to a privately owned relay through numerous countries. At each relay it removes 1 layer of the encryption until it gets to the final destination. No information about ip addresses, locations, and etc. is stored while traveling through the TOR network. This makes it nearly impossible to track.

Recently, the CIA and later the FBI have agreed that someone from Russia hacked the DNC, while Julian Assange, the famed WikiLeaks founder, stated that the information came from inside the DNC. Since Assange had the information, he is more likely to know where the source was. The FBI and CIA would have a very hard time tracing the information other than the last relay it would have come from. The possibility that the last relay information shows Russia is not all that hard to fathom, as they have quite a bit of Onion relays there.

TOR and other tools like it more than likely helped saved the election. Without TOR’s capabilities, the information would have likely been intercepted and removed before the public would know about it. With so many hacks in the DNC it is easy to see why there were so many notorious emails to divulge.

Earl J. Jeansonne III is an army veteran whose main MOS was in communication data encryption and IT support and continues to specialize in those areas.

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