It’s Not You, It’s Us

Just a quick post which is admittedly overdue – I forgot to address this before I took off for the holidays, and since I’ve been back I’ve been preoccupied with other things and neglected to pass this along.

Which is that those of you who are noticing you haven’t gotten a Nooner – the e-mail newsletter it’s been our practice to send out to our subscribers every weekday around the time you’d expect a Nooner to come – since the week of Christmas have been inquiring as to its absence.

It isn’t something you’re doing wrong which has brought this circumstance. That’s an issue on our end. Specifically, that we’ve been using a provider for the Nooner which has ceased to be, and we’re working on transitioning to a new partner and system. The point of the Nooner is that it’s supposed to make us money, and that’s been drying up because the consortium of several websites similar to us we’ve been part of has run on some hard times. So without revenue associated with putting out a free service there is no free service.

We’re now moving to a different partner in that regard and the Nooner will return shortly, hopefully by the end of January. You’ll notice a little different look and format, and hopefully it’ll be one which (1) is mobile-friendly, as our upcoming site redesign will absolutely, necessarily be, and (2) easy on the eyes while being a relatively simple download for both mobile and monitor viewing. That architecture is being laid on at present.

So just bear with us. This is one of a whole host of projects we’re working on at present; by the end of the year almost everything we’re doing will look different than it does right now, and we trust you’ll agree that’s a good thing.

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