AUDIO: The Organization Which Disrupted Cassidy’s Metairie Town Hall Plots To Do The Same In Breaux Bridge

Earlier today we had a post about Indivisible, the George Soros spinoff outfit which is, along with Barack Obama’s Organizing For America, collaborating to salt the town halls of Republican members of Congress with activists and agitators seeking to disrupt those town halls and make those members look bad on TV. This outfit scored a “win” of sorts on Bill Cassidy at his gathering in Metairie yesterday, packing the room with people who berated the senator with boos, uncivil questions and unhinged hectoring.

We, and other conservative media organizations in the state, received audio from someone – let’s call him a concerned citizen – who sat in on an Indivisible meeting in Lafayette earlier this week wherein plans were being made to do the same thing to Cassidy tomorrow morning in Breaux Bridge. Moon Griffon spliced a number of the audio cuts together into one clip of highlights from that meeting, and it’s worth a listen…

Some highlights from the audio…

1. The Metairie action was referenced. These people knew it was coming, which makes it pretty clear this is all coordinated.

2. The organizers are planning to displace ordinary citizens in the hall in Breaux Bridge, just like they did in Metairie, and if “the poor people of Breaux Bridge” can’t get in the room, too bad for them.

3. They’re ridiculing the Breaux Bridge Police Department.

4. They had to tell their people to dress conservatively so as not to be marked as lefties, which is a fun little cultural tidbit.

5. They discuss when to start chanting and becoming disruptive, and the answer is when they begin “losing” the meeting; which might indicate that Cassidy did fairly well in Metairie all things considered since those people refused to let him finish answering questions before trying to shout him down.

6. They refer to the “Indivisible Guide” that we covered in this morning’s post.

What’s not included in the Moon Griffon audio is this fun clip of the Indivisible people proposing to coordinate with Gov. John Bel Edwards’ office, which begs the question whether that proposal was made and/or responded to. Edwards, one might imagine, has enough trouble with Cassidy without being responsible for sending agitators into Cassidy’s town halls.

We’re told that the organizer of this meeting in the audio is someone named James Proctor, who lives in Lafayette and told KPEL Radio that he works with Indivisible. He also said his comments about the Breaux Bridge Police Department were “misinterpreted.” Also speaking in that audio is someone named Jacqueline Phelps, who also lives in Lafayette. Neither one are Lafayette natives, or even close to it.

The suggestion we have for Cassidy, and the other members of Louisiana’s congressional delegation – some of whom, like Mike Johnson and John Kennedy, have opted not to conduct town halls amid this coordinated campaign of harassment, and others, like Steve Scalise, who are hosting tele-town halls instead of doing them in person – is to use Eventbrite. That way they can manage the crowd to an extent and allow some local people who aren’t “organized” or bused in with pre-printed signs and Soros-funded training to attend; perhaps that way those meetings can be conducted with some decorum and an ability for the speaker to actually inform the public on what he’s doing.

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