LSU’s Daily Reveille Tries To Silence A Conservative Staffer Who Dared Express His Views In Public

LSU’s student newspaper appears to be trying to silence its conservative staffers. Chris Caldarera is a sports columnist for The Daily Reveille who publicly confronted campus protesters opposed to President Donald Trump’s travel ban from 7 countries.

Here’s a video of the confrontation of the quad:

Caldarera was trying to make the point that the travel ban was not a “Muslim ban.” The protesters booed and chanted at him.

In the wake of Caldarera’s actions, The Daily Reveille announced that non-political writers were not allowed to express their political views on social media. The reasoning is that non-political writers are supposed to be objective.

The Daily Wire’s Elliott Hamilton got into a fight with some current and former editors at The Daily Reveille who tried to claim the policy was “decades-long.” However, he uncovered some evidence that it was selectively enforced.

Former staff members of The Daily Reveille toldwriters of The Daily Wire that Caldarera supposedly violated “decades-long” policy of non-opinion writers publicizing their political views. They also challenged Caldarera’s assertion that the newspaper’s staff seemed apathetic when their liberal staff members shared their beliefs. While it is not unheard of that some newspapers strongly recommend their employees to seem as unbiased as possible, The Daily Reveille fails to enforce that policy for its liberal writers.

Here are some examples of current staff on The Daily Reveille and other media outlets at Louisiana State University who use their public social media pages to promulgate a political agenda:

Then Hamilton gave some examples, which you can find if you click the link. Hamilton then wrote this:

If student journalists at Louisiana State University are expected not to publicize their political opinions, then the Office of Student Media fails to enforce such a policy. Furthermore, it calls the question on why the upper management of The Daily Reveille only decided to invoke it the day after Chris Caldarera had the audacity to tell hundreds of campus activists that Trump’s executive order was not a “Muslim ban.”

This situation demonstrates either the incompetence of the newspaper’s staff to maintain “decades-long” policy or a concerted effort to punish a student for daring to combat a sensitive but categorically false narrative shared by a plurality of the student body. Neither of these scenarios puts The Daily Reveille in a positive light.

This is something that needs to be investigated by the LSU Board of Supervisors and/or the Louisiana Legislature. We have the student media of LSU, which is supposed to be representative of the entire student body, trying to censor certain points of view. That is unacceptable.

Either LSU student media has to enforce its objectivity policy across the board or it has to let all of its contributors speak freely. State-funded censorship of conservatives should not be allowed at LSU.



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