VIDEO: There Was A Time When A California Governor Didn’t Coddle Lawless Leftists At Berkeley…

…and yes, that time was very long ago. So long ago that footage of actual adult leadership in California is in black and white.

Who was that governor? You know who.

Ronald Reagan’s view was that coddling spoiled children without teaching them that nobody gets to break the law without consequence will lead to further lawbreaking and the breakdown of civil standards. And he was right.

The riot at Berkeley last night was nothing more than leftist children “triggered” by the specter of having Milo Yiannopoulos speak on Berkeley’s campus going all out to prevent that speech. They would rather resort to violence than have someone with whom they disagree present an argument in a public place.

Someone tried to burn down the building in which Yiannopoulos was scheduled to speak, with a crowd inside.

To say this is a dangerous precedent is insufficient. It is an outrage not only that the spoiled children of Berkeley have done what they have done, but that no adults charged with enforcing the laws of California have stepped in to do anything about it.

Yes, Ronald Reagan’s time in charge of the state of California was long ago.

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