BAYHAM: The New Orleans “Jacobin League’s” Anti-Monument Manifesto

Last week I wrote a column arguing that the Take ‘Em Down Nola gang and their fellow leftist travelers sought to do much more than cleanse Confederate memorials from the parkways and greenspaces of New Orleans.

I would be proven right in record fashion just the next day.

After all with New Orleans city government officially endorsing the removal of the “Confederate 4” and federal judges clearing the way, there would not be much reason for the group to exist after the last statue sent to the same warehouse the Ark of the Covenant Is stored.

Perpetual rabble rouser and professional community activist Malcolm Suber was not about to join Generals Lee and Beauregard in the shadows.

Suber had already declared war on the centerpiece of New Orleans by demanding the removal of Andrew Jackson’s equestrian statue before the CSA monuments’ removal was certain.

However Suber and his small “c” confederates decided to unveil their Jacobin-Marxist-ISIS Bowdlerization Wishbook at Café Istanbul, promulgating a host of street signs, parks, monuments, schools, and a hospital and university that needed a new less historical identity.

Joining the leading figures of the Confederacy and the Hero of the Battle of New Orleans on their hitlist were Spanish colonial governors, ministers, a former Speaker of the US House of Representatives, a former vice-president, several philanthropists who left behind a deep educational legacy, a poet, a few Louisiana governors, a United States Supreme Court Justice, and last but certainly not least the man who founded of New Orleans and this set the beginning of the city’s tricentennial that will somehow be celebrated next year.

Wait, there was one more name: General Charles de Gaulle, the leader of the Free French forces that battled the Nazis during World War II.  I hope France shuts down their consul general office if the city embraces that unprecedented level of stupid.

Though judging by Take ‘Em Down Nola’s giddiness to purge that which does not agree with them, I can see how fighting fascism doesn’t score points with this particular crowd that somehow enjoys carte blanche coverage from the Times Picayune.

So why do Suber’s pronunciations carry so much media coverage in contrast to the ravings of an outspoken wino on the corner of Camp and Julia?

While a darling of the local office press office of the interloper news conglomerate based in New York, Mr. Suber is not exactly a force to be reckoned with on the political scene.

In 2007 Suber ran a piss and vinegar campaign for the New Orleans City Council, running low on both vinegar and votes, scoring an adorable 1% in a 13 candidate field

Suber followed up this political endeavor by trying to recall Stacy Head for, get this, publicly working to defeat disgraced Congressman Bill Jefferson in the 2008 election and for being white, as Suber declared that a black politician should represent a black district.

Perhaps Mr. Suber believes Dollar Bill would be a more virtuous occupant atop General Lee’s pedestal. Hell, you wouldn’t even need to put the distinguished felon’s mug up there, just a dollar sign- everyone will know what it’s for.

For those progressives blindly signing on to Suber’s racialist and radical agenda, this is your guiding torch light in the coercive smashing of American heritage (colonial, antebellum, bellum, post-bellum, and with General de Gaulle, Cinquieme Republique Francaise).  Enjoy and savor that association.

And for the politicians being buffaloed by Suber and Co, where will they allow his historical “Robspiracy” to end?

Once the gray four are gone, where will they sheepishly draw the line and will that even be possible once Suber spikes the football on the splotch of dead grass where Jeff Davis stood for 100 years orating to traffic on Canal Street?

While it’s true Suber is not getting elected to any office anytime soon, he’s certainly not going away, especially with the Times Picayune squeezing his proclamations in between articles on their two favorite subjects: Big Freedia and David Duke.

And with the city elections coming up, don’t be surprised if Take ‘Em Down sets out to get involved in council contests, perhaps “taking down” those candidates who have not shown them (and maybe even their agenda) proper deference.

Maybe Take ‘Em Down will send their laundry list of renamings and removals to all city candidates, asking them to check off next to each one they will commit to changing.

The weak-kneed city political class created this monstrosity of an issue that overshadows New Orleans’ murder and violent crime epidemic and now they will go into campaign season with this political gadfly feverishly splashing about in their gumbo.

Bon appetit!

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