VIDEO: Of Course There’s Mitch Landrieu, To Declare New Orleans Isn’t A Sanctuary City


Landrieu says that none of the Trump administration’s plans to withhold federal funds would affect the Big Easy, because New Orleans is in compliance with all the federal immigration laws.

Seriously. He said that on CNBC Wednesday…

Well if that’s true, wonder why he did this…

New Orleans is among 36 U.S. cities and counties asking a federal court judge to stop President Donald Trump’s executive order threatening to halt federal funding to so-called “sanctuary” cities. Trump’s order, as enforced by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), targets immigrants living in the country without legal permission. DHS lists Orleans Parish among U.S. cities that “limit cooperation” with federal immigration authorities.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu signed on to a letter with a coalition of cities supporting San Francisco’s pending lawsuit arguing against the order’s constitutionality and demanding the court lift its enforcement nationwide. Cities that signed onto the letter “agree that local authorities, not distant federal officials, should be making policy judgments that affect the interests and safety needs of their local communities,” according to a statement.

Either Trump’s sanctuary city policy applies to New Orleans as a sanctuary city, or the controversy over it is none of his business.

And his rhetoric about how local police shouldn’t be turned into a “deportation force” is about as thin and hollow as anyone can find. Nobody is asking the New Orleans Police Department or the Orleans Parish Sheriff to deport anybody. We have a federal agency, ICE, which does that. What’s being asked of the city of New Orleans, as well as every other city in the country, is to follow the law – when they arrest somebody and fingerprint them, and the fingerprints set off an alarm bell at ICE that the arrestee is an illegal alien, the ask is that New Orleans cooperate when ICE sends someone to get the arrestee and process them for deportation if necessary. That doesn’t conscript the cops in New Orleans to deport anyone.

And if Landrieu is correct that New Orleans is in such compliance, then what’s he complaining about? He’s either for deporting criminal illegal aliens or he’s not.

We already know this guy is twisted like a pretzel and incapable of telling the truth. To any of our readers who have insight into what his angle is, you’re welcome to weigh in below.

By the way, there will be a fun bill in this legislative session to be filed by Rep. Alan Seabaugh and supported by Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry. The bill says that if an illegal alien who is released by a local government in Louisiana in violation of an ICE detainer should cause damage to any person or property, that person or property owner may then hold said local government liable in solido with the illegal alien for the damage. You can bet that Landrieu will vigorously oppose that bill, all while claiming New Orleans isn’t a sanctuary city.

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