Is It Going To Be Alton Sterling Day In Baton Rouge Again Soon?

That’s what the rumor mill seems to be indicating.

Arthur “Silky Slim” Reed is a member of the mayor’s citizen’s review board on police procedures, which was a rather controversial nomination given that Reed was the purveyor of a video of Sterling’s shooting which fueled the furor in its aftermath. Whether Reed has heard anything as a result of his membership on that board or he’s just repeating the word on the street, we don’t know.

In any event, we’ve heard something similar from a couple of sources in city-parish government. It isn’t likely going to be today, but don’t be surprised if it happens by the middle of next week. We’ll temper all this by saying this is hardly the first time we’ve heard the Sterling decision was about to come down. But it is going to come down eventually, and nobody should be surprised if eventually turns into now. Baton Rouge is going to have a new U.S. Attorney named soon, and one would imagine the Sterling decision would need to be disposed of in advance of that appointment so as to allow the new man to take office with clear decks.

The story we heard was there was an interagency briefing on the Sterling case two days ago and the timeline is that next Monday, May 1, it will be announced that the decision would come down the following day. But Muhammad and the gang are on Twitter today trying to mobilize tourists to begin descending on Baton Rouge now. For example…

We could be in for an “interesting” weekend. And with the legislature in town for the session, early next week in Baton Rouge we could have one hell of a mess. Particularly if the decision is what everyone expects it is, namely that the police officers involved in Sterling’s death will be cleared.

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