VIDEO: Watch This Confrontation In Front Of The P.G.T. Beauregard Monument

If you want to see who wants to have the Confederate monuments torn down, watch this video. A black woman stops her car in traffic, throws trash on the ground, calls pro-monument demonstrators names, and makes obscene gestures. Warning – this is not exactly safe for work given the language…

The recording starts when a black woman stopped her vehicle and tells the pro-monument demonstrators who are standing outside of Beauregard’s monument to “suck her pussy.” She also gives them the middle finger. Then she makes theĀ obscene gesture of pushing her hips towards and tells them to “give her 40 licks.”

The man recording the video just simply said “God bless you” but he does warn the woman that if she does litter, he will turn her tag in. “This is a clean city and we keep it clean” said the man who was recording.

Then the woman started calling the demonstrators “white trash.” “White trash united, look at this clump of trash.” she said as she got out of car and pointed her cell phone as if she was recording them. She was also calling them “cracker trash.” By now the cars behind her are getting annoyed with her. They start honking their horns and the police even hit their sirens tell her to get moving.

The man in the video is saying “we’ve got to unite and quit dividing like that.” He was also repeating “God bless you” as the woman kept hurling abuse.

She came back to hurl more abuse at the people. “Why are all you cracker bitches so ugly?” she asked as she hurled more profanity and abuse at the demonstrators. The police then told the woman to move on through their bullhorn.

The man recording then walked towards the vehicle to pick up more trash she threw down. Before she left, she yelled at the demonstrators “white trash brigade.” The man recording just responded with “God bless you.”




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