Additional Details Released On The Police Chase That Killed A 12-Year-Old Boy

Additional details have been released following the police chase that resulted in the death of a 12-year-old boy in Baton Rouge last week. Before the release of the most recent report, we knew that Trudy White alumnus Joshual Hilton was shot by police, fled the scene, and while being chased by the authorities, hit and killed Sammy Lee. The details as to why and how Hilton was shot were unconfirmed until recently.

According to the Baton Rouge police arrest report filed Wednesday, narcotics detectives were monitoring a house after “reliable information was developed indicating the residence was being utilized to received shipments of (drugs),” The Advocate reports. While monitoring the home on May 31, the detectives witnessed Hilton enter and then drive away around 5 p.m. Since this kind of activity is something they commonly observe with drug exchanges, the detectives tailed him for a couple of miles until he stopped at a red light on O’Neal Lane.

At this point, they turned on their lights, surrounded Hilton’s vehicle with theirs, and got out of their cars. Then Hilton stepped on the gas in the direction of one of the officers, and they tried to get him to stop. The report says that once it was obvious that Hilton was about to intentionally hit one of the detectives, another fired his weapon. This confirms that this was not a hands-up-don’t-shoot situation, but that it was in defense of an officer’s life.

After he was shot, Hilton fled the scene prompting the chase, during which he was seen throwing crystal methamphetamine out of his window. He stopped only after he’d run over the innocent boy who couldn’t get out of the way quick enough.

Hilton has been re-booked on obstruction of justice, aggravated flight from an officer, and possession with intent to distribute Schedule II drugs. These counts were added in addition to the ones originally filed – manslaughter, reckless operation of a motor vehicle, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, and attempted first-degree murder of a police officer.

We’ve already mentioned this man’s criminal history prior to these incidents. This wasn’t his first police chase. But because of our court system and the fact that his record technically only contained non-violent offenses, he was granted the opportunity to commit one. The bills in the criminal justice reform package that are currently on their way to the governor’s desk could potentially allow for more disasters such as this.

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