Houston Greets The Cajun Navy With Gunfire

Last year, a group of Louisiana citizens informally banded together as the Cajun Navy and worked to rescue flood victims in last year’s flooding in Louisiana using their privately owned boats. The Cajun Navy was responsible for saving the lives of thousands after emergency services were overwhelmed. They coordinated through Facebook groups and commercially available communication smartphone apps.

As soon as flooding began in Houston, some of the Cajun Navy veterans began heading to the Houston area with their boats and Southwest Louisiana to go out and rescue people. But they’re not getting a warm welcome from all flood victims in the Houston area.

The Cajun Navy has come under attack from looters trying to steal their boats. The gunfire has forced a halt of operations by the Cajun Navy.

From WGNO:

The famed Louisiana Cajun Navy is “standing down” in Houston after looters tried to steal their boats and fired gunshots at them.

The Cajun Navy made the announcement in a Facebook post Monday afternoon.

“Looters decided to pose as people needing rescue and they attempted to overtake the boats and there were shots fired at the boats,” the post said. “I repeat they are all safe. Looters must have not wanted our boats in the water for rescues.”

The Facebook post has since been removed.

These volunteers went to Texas on their own dime and their own equipment in order to help their neighbors in need. Instead of being welcomed with open arms, they were greeted with gunfire. Disasters, unfortunately, serve as a way of bringing out both the worst and the best of people.

People are not going to go out and rescue flood victims if they are in danger of being shot. These rescues are dangerous enough because of the conditions and the gunfire is making things too dangerous.

The Cajun Navy has not completely stopped rescuing people. They are still operating in areas where they are not being shot at.

Finally, the actions of these people should not be taken as representative of the people of Houston or Texas. These are clearly part of a criminal element that always seeks to exploit disasters to inflict suffering on those who have already suffered enough.

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