Mitch Landrieu Tells USA Today: “We Really Don’t Have Time For Ideological Battles”

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu continues his national media tour with an interview with USA Today Editorial Page Editor Bill Sternberg. In the interview, Landrieu tried to portray himself as a man above the fray and outside of partisanship.

Landrieu said, “I represent the mayors of America and thrilled to do that. We’re a bipartisan organization and we came to talk to our Senators and Congressmen about the fact that mayors are governing in real and in reality, that we really don’t have time for ideological battles, and we really want to work with them to find solutions to public safety on the streets of America, infrastructure, jobs, immigration, and on tax reform.”

Landrieu then opined on everything from police brutality to climate change in the interview. He then assured us that he is not running for president.

Does Mitch Landrieu really think we’re stupid? His last big obsession over the past year and a half has been tearing down Confederate monuments in New Orleans. Those monuments were largely noncontroversial until he began the campaign to remove them. The way he went about removing the monuments tore open racial wounds in the city.

Then Mitch Landrieu went on a national media tour after removing the monuments. He claims in the interview that he was surprised when his speech on race went viral. If you believe that then I have some bridges for sale over Lake Ponchatrain.

All during Landrieu’s campaign to remove Confederate monuments, crime continued to grow out of control in New Orleans. Did he prioritize fighting crime it? No. In fact, he even made it worse with this cuts to the New Orleans Police Department and the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s office.

Then when crime got so out of control it couldn’t be ignored, Landrieu finally gave some press conferences on the issue. That was before he started working on climate change though.

Far from “not having time for ideological battles”, Landrieu has done nothing but have ideological battles. He wants to try and fool the rest of the nation as he gears up for the presidential run that he says he’s not making. In the mean time, he will continue to take non-ideological shots at President Trump and his agenda.


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