The Remington Research Poll On The NFL Controversy Has Some Staggering Numbers

We’ll caution that this is just one poll, and we’ll have to wait to see if its results are corroborated by others before we can draw any definitive conclusions. That said, these numbers prove a few things we expected – in a major way.

Remington Research is a Kansas City firm founded by former Ted Cruz campaign manager Jeff Roe. It’s a Republican polling outfit, so you can probably expect the results to reflect a more conservative worldview.

All that said, Remington’s polling has been fairly solid. Last year they produced a host of results showing Donald Trump within striking distance of Hillary Clinton in a number of key states, and the derisive screaming by mainstream media and Democrat functionaries was quite loud. Then Trump won, and nobody was making fun of Remington anymore.

Which doesn’t make these numbers gospel. It does indicate they’re worth a look.

The survey in question was of 1,945 general election voters across the country contacted on Monday, and the numbers are weighted in an attempt to simulate the midterm electorate next year.

Seventy percent of the respondents called themselves NFL fans, which seems like a high number but that you could get a figure that size in a national survey representative of an electorate should tell you what a big deal the league is.


  • Trump’s approval is 46 percent, against a 47 percent disapproval. That’s a little higher number than some of the other recent surveys.
  • NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s approval is…12 percent. With 36 percent disapproval.
  • And the NFL’s approval rate is in the drink by a 36-47 margin. In a survey of people 70 percent of whom call themselves NFL fans.
  • Some 51 percent say they’re watching the league less; only 19 percent say they’re watching more.
  • Of the people who say they’re watching less football, some 69 percent say it’s because of the national anthem stuff. That ought to set off fire alarms all over the NFL’s league offices.
  • By a 64-25 margin, the respondents said NFL players ought to be standing while the national anthem is playing.
  • Reacting to the chaos on Sunday, 50 percent said it would make them less likely to watch games; only 30 percent went the other way. So that’s a pretty significant bit of damage done over the weekend.
  • By a 60-31 margin, the respondents objected to the national anthem as a venue to air political grievances.
  • And EIGHTY PERCENT said they wanted politics to stay the hell away from their football games, which is something we’ve expected would be borne out.

On that last bit, this is what we expect poll after poll will show. Because you don’t have to be a conservative or a Republican to be irritated about this national anthem business and what it represents. This is why ESPN is taking a pounding in ratings and subscriptions as well – people use sports as an ESCAPE from all that political garbage, just like they used to use music and movies and TV before those were subjected to full-on politicization.

And what this national anthem business signals is politicization has arrived in the NFL. It’s been coming for a while, and now it’s here, and lots of people have been dreading it. That it finally showed up has them more pissed off than they can even say.

It doesn’t even matter that lots of them see a bit of value in the underlying cause behind these protests – though even that is fairly debatable given the tale the FBI’s 2016 numbers tell. They’re tired of every single entertainment medium and cultural institution turning into either a battlefield or a weapon. Even Democrats have had it.

This is the reason that, unless things change, the 2018 midterms are going to be a cataclysm for the Democrats. That party has chained itself to the social justice movement and its constant cultural aggressions, and continues pushing them on an exhausted public. As Rich Lowry said Saturday, it’s why Trump is president in the first place and it’s why, as John Hawkins noted, Trump’s broadside against the national anthem protesters Friday resonated with so many people despite being, let’s say, a departure from usual presidential fare.

But again, we’ll likely see other polls in the next few days. It will be interesting to compare their results with the ones Remington released today.

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