APPEL: The Saints’ Kneeling Before The Anthem Is No Particular Improvement

I have to say this – by kneeling in unison before the national anthem was played in that Sunday game in London, the Saints were saying to the world that they agree with the far left that America is an unjust society.

I actually think that this will be worse than the one time impromptu sitting of a few players last week.

Frankly, I am disgusted with this obvious attack on our people. We are a fair and generous people. We have nothing to be ashamed of and everything to be proud of.

I feel sorry for these young men because I really believe that they are allowing themselves to be pawns for the radical Left in a titanic struggle for the very soul of this nation. Two weeks ago, only a couple of isolated politically motivated types disrespected our anthem. So has anything changed in two weeks? These guys are still making millions from the very people that they are saying are unjust. Yet you hear no Americans complaining about the supermajority of African American players in the NFL so I guess that can’t be called unjust. I suppose that means that Americans honor hard work and success, not skin color, something that reflects strongly on these guys.

Oh I remember, the President had the temerity to suggest that a very few who refused to honor our country and our people should not be allowed receive the monetary benefits of a society that they oppose or to represent such a great American tradition as the NFL.

So now it appears that the entire league will try to convince the world that they really do love America by kneeling before the anthem, not during it. Well guess what, that is phony and we see through it.

Either you honor our country or you don’t. If you think we are unjust then do something about it, but don’t play us for fools by throwing disparagement at us and then standing for the anthem as if the kneeling that came just before doesn’t matter.

As I said before I am but one fan, but I will be doing something else when the Saints take the field. If they think that we are unjust society then let them protest – but I will never see it.

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