It’s Time For A Real Investigation Of Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton seems to always have at least one foot in an American political scandal. What’s currently occurring is no exception to that rule.

We have seen Hillary Clinton investigated for her activities in the Whitewater scandal of the 1990s. We’ve seen Clinton most recently investigated for her infamous email servers. Now, it’s time that the American people actually receive a true, credible investigation into the Clintons and any person that has participated in potential criminal activity along with them.

Two stories have broken in recent weeks, neither of which were incredibly surprising to learn about. The first regarded further details regarding the shady Uranium One deal that was pursued by the Obama-era State Department under Hillary Rodham Clinton, and the second story was that Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee paid to continue opposition research in the form of the salacious Trump dossier to the tune of $10 million. Both are equal in political magnitude, representing large revelations about the so-called “scandal-free” Obama administration and the party that is attempting to frame the Republicans as conspirators in an unproven Russia collusion scandal.

It is no surprise that Clinton would appear again in yet another set of scandals. Nor is it surprising that these scandals are essentially something that the Democrats would claim Trump would participate in. Donald Trump, according to the Democrats, is a sellout to the Russian Federation and a puppet of Vladimir Putin. However, we must turn to what we now know to truly discuss Russian collusion.

Some background to story number one (the uranium deal): Russia’s nuclear agency, Rosatom, gained a majority stake in a company called Uranium One that controls twenty percent of the United States’ uranium. People that are connected with Uranium One donated over $145 million to the Clinton Foundation, leading to speculation regarding the ethicality of the deal as it would have gone through the Obama administration when Clinton served as Secretary of State. Now it has been revealed that the FBI was well aware of a bribery plot by Russian nuclear industry officials against a American uranium trucking firm, and despite this, the deal still went forward for Rosatom to gain its stake. Rather than stop the corruption in its tracks in 2010, the FBI decided to continue an investigation for four more years.

Such action by the Obama administration to ignore such corruption is contrary to the entire Russian narrative that is being spread today. In what world does this constitute ethicality, and where did this decision come from? After all, isn’t the Democratic Party supposed to be the party that is against Russian collusion? If President Obama and Secretary Clinton were so against the collusion, why did they allow such a deal to continue while knowing what the Russians were engaging in on American soil? Furthermore, it’s time for special counsel Robert Mueller to recuse himself from any and all investigations regarding Russian influence. Mueller was serving as FBI director in 2010, when this deal was approved and when the bribery was uncovered. He had a front-row seat to the entire affair, and his complicity in such a scandal constitutes a conflict of interest that requires him to step aside.

Onto the second story, that of the Russia-Trump dossier of which the media and Democrats are so determined to prove the veracity. The dossier was the premise of the accusation that Trump was a Russian plant, and to this day is still not verified in any way to be accurate or truthful. Yet, we continue to see such a dossier discussed as if it were accurate or truthful. The origin of such a dossier starts with the Washington Free Beacon, who funded the firm who created the dossier to investigate the backgrounds of all of the GOP candidates, not just Donald Trump. Marc Elias, the lawyer for the DNC and for the Clinton campaign, then retained Fusion GPS to dig up whatever dirt was available on Trump around April of 2016. The firm then commissioned former MI6 agent Christopher Steele to find what he could, which led Steele to assemble the dossier. However, the dossier wasn’t where the issue ended; the FBI then retained Steele to continue research on the contents of the dossier until Steele was identified in news reports.

Democrats continue to assert Trump’s ties to Russia following the “revelations” from the unverified dossier. However, what we can confirm about the dossier is that it appears to be a smear tactic against the President in order to delegitimize him and his presidency. Clinton campaign staff do not even deny that Clinton likely knew about the dossier. Fusion GPS refuses to cooperate with Congress, further complicating the situation, and now it appears that the Russia-Trump investigation is simply a cover for the true Russian collusion.

Back in July, I wrote of the apparent collusion between the Justice Department under Loretta Lynch and Clinton’s campaign. Now it has become apparent that Clinton has instigated multiple forms of collusion with further intent to shove off what appearance of collusion she may have onto the Republican president, claiming he is in Russia’s back pocket. Instead of Trump being a Russian hack, it appears that the Democrats are actually just that. The previous Democratic administration, after all, was the one that approved this deal on uranium despite the corruption and unethicality behind it. President Obama was also the one to discuss with then-Russian President Dmitri Medvedev that he would have “more flexibility” regarding hot topics such as missile defense systems following the 2012 election. Secretary Clinton, in fact, was the person who infamously pushed the button to reset relations with Russia. So, if we are discussing towing a hard line against the Russians, why do we keep hearing from the Democrats that they are the party to keep the Russians at bay while the Republicans are simply letting them in? It’s because the Democrats are attempting to hide the scandals that are occurring- first by smearing the President of the United States by branding him an unwitting (or sometimes completely aware) agent of Russia, and second by insisting that these scandals are simply a distraction by Trump against a scandal that simply does not exist.

It is well beyond time that the Justice Department appoints a truly nonpartisan and ethical special counsel with a penchant for finding the truth to investigate the Uranium One deal, the Russian dossier, and anything outside of that that may be relevant. We need a true investigation, one that actually looks all the way into the issue and not just facially; we need an investigation that doesn’t have someone at the helm who writes statements of exoneration for chief suspects before the interviews even begin. It’s time we have an investigation that is not political in nature, even if it inherently disrupts the political world. It’s time for the Department of Justice to actually seek the concept of justice, rather than sitting and allowing such inequities to continue in American politics. What is occurring is not acceptable. It’s time to buck up and seek the truth for a change.

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