Here’s The List Of Countries Voting To Condemn The US For The Jerusalem Embassy, And What They’re Getting…

…in American aid. Which is money we should not be surprised at all should President Trump do his best to remove from the federal budget over the slap these countries issued to us at the UN this week.

First, the list. Then a little commentary.

Afghanistan: $5,060,306,050
Albania: $27,479,989
Algeria: $17,807,222
Angola: $64,489,547
Armenia: $22,239,896
Austria: $310,536
Azerbaijan: $15,312,389
Bahrain: $6,573,352
Bangladesh: $263,396,621
Barbados: $5,442,370
Belarus: $11,166,107
Belgium: $3,101,636
Belize: $8,613,838
Bolivia: $1,378,654
Botswana: $57,252,922
Brazil: $14,899,949
Brunei: $354,829
Bulgaria: $20,066,715
Burkina Faso: $74,469,144
Burundi: $70,507,528
Cabo Verde: $5,044,716
Cambodia: $103,194,295
Chad: $117,425,683
Chile: $2,266,071
China: $42,263,025
Comoros: $1,057,063
Congo: $8,439,457
Costa Rica: $14,650,552
Cote D’Ivoire: $161,860,737
Cuba: $15,776,924
Denmark: $3,455
Djibouti: $24,299,878
Dominica: $616,000
Ecuador: $26,014,579
Egypt: $1,239,291,240
Eritrea: $119,364
Estonia: $15,937,295
Ethiopia: $1,111,152,703
Finland: $33,492
France: $4,660,356
Gabon: $31,442,404
Gambia: $3,197,858
Germany: $5,484,317
Ghana: $724,133,065
Greece: $8,508,639
Grenada: $690,300
Guinea: $87,630,410
Guyana: $9,691,030
India: $179,688,851
Indonesia: $222,431,738
Iran: $3,350,327
Iraq: $5,280,379,380
Italy: $454,613
Japan: $20,804,795
Jordan: $1,214,093,785
Kazakhstan: $80,418,203
Kuwait: $112,000
Kyrgyzstan: $41,262,984
Lebanon: $416,553,311
Liberia: $473,677,614
Libya: $26,612,087
Lithuania: $15,709,304
Madagascar: $102,823,791
Malaysia: $10,439,368
Maldives: $1,511,931
Mali: $257,152,020
Malta: $137,945
Mauritania: $12,743,363
Mauritius: $791,133
Montenegro: $2,118,108
Morocco: $82,023,514
Mozambique: $514,007,619
Namibia: $53,691,093
Nepal: $194,286,218
Nicaragua: $31,318,397
Niger: $144,122,239
Nigeria: $718,236,917
Norway: $100,000
Oman: $5,753,829
Pakistan: $777,504,870
Papua New Guinea: $14,836,598
Peru: $95,803,112
Portugal: $207,600
Qatar: $95,097
South Korea: $3,032,086
Russia: $17,195,004
Saint Vincent: $612,000
Saudi Arabia: $732,875
Senegal: $99,599,642
Serbia: $33,062,589
Seychelles: $223,002
Singapore: $468,118
Slovakia: $2,585,685
Slovenia: $715,716
Somalia: $274,784,535
South Africa: $597,218,298
Spain: $81,231
Sri Lanka: $27,192,841
Sudan: $137,878,835
Suriname: $232,672
Sweden: $1,269
Switzerland: $1,168,960
Syria: $916,426,147
Tajikistan: $47,789,686
Thailand: $68,182,970
Macedonia: $31,755,240
Tunisia: $117,490,639
Turkey: $154,594,512
United Arab Emirates: $1,140,659
United Kingdom: $3,877,820
Tanzania: $628,785,614
Uruguay: $836,850
Uzbekistan: $20,067,933
Venezuela: $9,178,148
Vietnam: $157,611,276
Yemen: $305,054,784
Zimbabwe: $261,181,770

I had a column on this subject at The American Spectator this morning encouraging the president to dump foreign aid to this collection of kleptocrats, Islamicists and Eurotrash. A sample…

Previous American administrations lacked the sand to do the simple, obvious thing and place the embassy in Jerusalem. Previous American administrations would have let themselves be mau-maued into backing off such a position out of a fear of “world opinion.”

This is the first administration in a long time to recognize that “world opinion” consists of the bloviations of Third World kleptocrats, Islamic supremacists from the Organization of the Islamic Conference, Russian satrapies and Eurotrash sitzpinklers from countries torpidly micturating on their cultural patrimony as a hijra of millions descend upon them. In short, Trump recognizes the UN is a collection of crooks and frauds, not statesmen, and deserves no better treatment than it gives its host and patron.

The American people have long recognized this. It hardly requires much attention to understand that when Iran and Cuba are put in charge of the Human Rights Commission the whole organization isn’t to be taken seriously, and when the UN is given a mission like peacekeeping or arms control and the result turns out to be a series of prostitution rings and massive bribery schemes, any intelligent person would recognize that to support those missions with American tax dollars is to compound the theft.

So let’s hope Trump and Haley weren’t just making idle threats. Let’s hope there are real consequences to these enemies and false friends who delivered their pinpricks to us this week.

Yes, many of these are Muslim countries who cannot be expected to act rationally where the subject of Israel is concerned. That is hardly an excuse, though – allowing low standards of behavior from Muslim countries is one reason the world is in such a sorry state at present. Five billion dollars apiece for Afghanistan and Iraq should damn sure have bought an abstention from them, and that money should be a non-starter in next year’s federal budget.

As for the rest, as I said – a lump of coal in the Christmas stocking, and no more.


Turkey and Yemen were the co-sponsors of this resolution, which is a direct affront to American sovereignty. The Turks are busy persecuting Christians with a particular violence at present and ought to be made to pay a price for it, so perhaps it’s time for a rather aggressive American departure from our current friendly (if not obsequious) policy toward that burgeoning Islamist dictatorship.

The Kurds have earned their right to an independent state, have they not? Perhaps we should entertain discussions with them about recognizing them as such – and to hell what the Turks think about the question.



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