Here’s What Roy Moore’s Campaign Sent Me While He Was Losing The Alabama Senate Race…

Those of our readers paying attention to the Alabama Senate election returns know by now that Roy Moore lost a close race to Doug Jones, in no small part due to his not holding a single campaign rally in the last week of the race and his spending the Saturday before the election in Philadelphia at the Army-Navy game rather than campaigning. That, plus having his campaign make a series of PR blunders in the final moments of the race.

Add those things to the various stupidities we’ve discussed ad nauseam already, and it was just too much. Moore should have won the race by 3-4 points but in the end there just weren’t enough Republican voters willing to overlook what a jackass he comes off as and what a drag his campaign was in order to save the seat and, with it, the fate of the tax reform plan in conference committee today (better get that plan onto the Senate floor first thing tomorrow, if not quicker!).

But just as an indication of just how much of a cockup this entire experience has been, here’s an e-mail which hit my inbox at 9:23 p.m. tonight, just as the major news organizations were calling the race for Jones and well after the polls had closed…


I didn’t plan on writing you this email. . .

In fact, I’d hoped I wouldn’t have to.

But given the information I received from my Campaign Manager, I don’t have a choice.

You see, according to news reports, Barack Obama recorded a phone call rallying liberal Democrats to get out and vote against me today.

This one is serious . . . You can’t sit it out,” Barack Obama tells voters in the robocall Doug Jones plans to blast out to virtually every Democrat voter across Alabama.

For once — I agree with Barack Obama:

This one is SERIOUS!

That’s why I felt I had no choice but to reach out and personally ask for your most generous support at this critical hour.

So can I count on you to chip in an emergency donation — immediately — to help me counter the latest round of last-minute attacks launched against me by the forces of evil?

I refuse to stoop to the low levels of McConnell, Obama and the DC Elites.

I will not participate in character assassination.

I will not attack my opponent using phony lies and accusations.

But I will counter the lies and tell voters the TRUTH about Doug Jones and his radical left-wing views.

I will let voters know Doug Jones is just another anti-gun, pro-abortion, big spending Hollywood liberal who despises the very conservative values you and I — and the majority of Alabamans — hold dear

That’s why I’m asking — Patriot — for your emergency support.

Time is running out.

So please, if at all possible, dig deep and chip in the maximum donation — whether it’s $1,000, $500, $250, $150, $75, $50, $35 or $25 — immediately to help get my supporters to the polls!

Thank you for all you do!

Your support means the world to me.



Judge Roy Moore

For the record I didn’t sign up for Moore’s e-mail list and this might have been the first one of these ridiculously overwritten solicitations I’ve opened, but what I can say is no political campaign this incompetent should ever be in a position to represent a major party in a general statewide election.

I’m told that Moore’s campaign manager is someone named Bill Armistead. Let’s hope he’s never allowed to run a major race again, because if he’s in charge of a campaign which sends fundraising solicitations after the polls close purporting to “help get my supporters to the polls” he’s as cynical as he is incompetent, and Moore’s donors ought to sue him.

The Alabama GOP is a complete dumpster fire. It has produced Moore’s loss as well as the unmitigated humiliation of the Robert Bentley sex-and-corruption scandal, not to mention the Mike Hubbard conviction on 12 felony charges as the state’s House speaker. There needs to be a complete bloodletting within the ranks there, or else this won’t be the only inexplicable loss for the GOP in the Heart of Dixie.

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