New Orleans Company Wins EPA Gulf Guardian Award First Place in Business & Industry [video]

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been working for decades to protect and restore roughly 15,000 acres of coastal habitat along the Gulf of Mexico. Working with the Gulf of Mexico Community-based Restoration Partnership, and state and federal agencies, the EPA has identified individuals and businesses who are committed to protecting the fragile wetlands that make up 37 percent of the total coastal wetland of the United States.

Booyah Clean, a New Orleans-based company, won the EPA Gulf Guardian award, first place in the business and industry category for creating a healthy cleaning product that can be released directly into any environment. Booyah Clean Products provide an eco-responsible alternative to the conventional marine cleaners that have historically contained toxic chemicals that harm natural habitats and wildlife.

Booyah Clean products can be safely released into any environment (ocean, sea, lake, river, creek, pond, ditch, sewer, drain), including wetlands and any waterways where the treatment and/or collection of wash water is impractical or unachievable. Booyah Clean owners are leading the way in teaching marine community members about alternative cleaner products that also help make cleaner waterways.

EPA education focuses on the benefits of wetlands, which serve as:

  • buffers, protecting coastal areas from storm damage and sea level rise;
  • support commercial and recreational fisheries, providing essential fish and shellfish habitat;
  • nesting and foraging habitat for birds and other wildlife, improve water quality by removing pollutants, nutrients, and sediments;
  • minimize erosion of uplands, protect property and infrastructure and support tourism, hunting, and fishing.

The Gulf of Mexico Program Partnership developed the Gulf Guardian awards to “recognize and honor the businesses, community groups, individuals, and agencies that are taking positive steps to keep the Gulf healthy, beautiful and productive. The Gulf Guardian Award exemplifies what the Gulf of Mexico Program is all about: innovative solutions that come about when we pool resources and look for creative ways to positively impact our quality of life and economic well-being.” The first awards were presented in 2000.

Learn more about the program and was to participate here.



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