Trump Gives Media Pens After Signing Tax Bill Into Law

After signing the tax bill into law President Trump offered pens to members of the media who were in the Oval Office on Friday. Usually, those who sponsor or support the bill and are present for the president signing it are given pens. Because they had already left for the winter break, Trump offered them to the media.

I have some beautiful pens over here and because all of these folks are either continuing to work down the road or getting ready to leave and I’m sure they’ll be working very hard also, I think I’m probably going to hand some of them to the press.

We have them, many of you have worked very hard, many of you have worked very, very fairly and we really appreciate that. So here you go folks.

According to the pool report, White House economic advisor Gary Cohn helped hand out the pens, and Trump remarked, “I particularly like the boomholders, and the cameramen.”

He acknowledged those who report the news as opposed to those who promote false information and “fake news.”

Signing the bill into law was Trump’s first major legislative accomplishment. He also kept his promise to reform the tax code before Christmas. Trump told reporters in the Oval Office:

It’s going to be a tremendous thing for the American people. It’s going to be fantastic for the economy. It’s going to keep companies from leaving our shores and opening up in other countries.

The initial plan was to sign the bill in a formal ceremony in January. But because the media was asking (criticizing) him if he would sign it before Christmas as he had pledged, Trump moved up the timeline.

“I am keeping my promise,” he said. “I am signing it before Christmas.”

Trump also remarked that several companies announced that they were giving bonuses and making new investments because of the legislation.



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