New Orleans City Council Retracts Anti-Israel Resolution

Two weeks ago, the New Orleans City Council passed a resolution that was essentially written by Palestinian activists. The resolution was seen in support of the anti-Israel “boycott, divest, and sanctions” or BDS movement.

However, the New Orleans City Council came under fire for the resolution. Jewish groups in the city expressed dismay that the city would involve itself in something so complex as the Palestinian dispute.

Well on Thursday, the council caved and retracted the resolution. It angered the activist groups that pushed the resolution in the first place.

From The Advocate:

Two weeks after passing a resolution that brought an international controversy to its doorstep, the New Orleans City Council backpedaled Thursday, citing a misunderstanding of the deep divisions that surround a movement to boycott the state of Israel and a flawed approval process.

The move to rescind the resolution calling for City Hall to avoid doing business with companies that violate human rights drew an angry response from activists who said the about-face was an insult to groups that had advocated for the measure.

At the same time, the 7-0 vote heartened members of the city’s Jewish community who saw the resolution as a show of support for the “boycott, divest and sanction” movement aimed against Israel.
Speakers on both sides flooded the cramped site in Algiers where the council is meeting while its chamber at City Hall undergoes renovations, with those in support of the original resolution in the majority.

More than 200 people showed up in all, forcing police officers to ask most attendees to stand outside the glass-enclosed room where the council met, citing fire code regulations.

The resolution was written by Mayor-elect LaToya Cantrell, who unbelievably seems to not know anything about what the resolution was about. Either we have the dumbest city council in the world or they are lying.

What likely happened was that Cantrell thought she could give an easy and cheap deliverable to her far-left base. She thought she could pull a fast one on the council and the city by writing what seemed at first glance to be just another feel good, meaning resolution. However, she did not count on the outcry from the Jewish community and others in the city.

In the end, Cantrell decided to throw her far-left base under the bus. This was not because Cantrell disagrees with them, but because they cost her too much in criticism. Something tells us though that Cantrell will use her office as a platform to engage in far-left virtue signaling, as long as it doesn’t hurt her politically.

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