ARONSPEER: The Badly Broken, Corrupt Confluence Of Education And Elections

It’s 1940-something, maybe 1950-something.  A sweaty politician sits behind a table in a dingy motel room.  On the table is a stack of $5 bills.  A line of indigent, homeless and foreign-born men all line up to get their “Lincoln.”  Afterward, they board a bus and are taken to a polling location where the purchased vote is cast.  The bus returns the men to the motel where they are given cerveza while the next batch of purchased voters is loaded onto the bus for another trip to the polls.  By the way, this activity is illegal.

So now it’s 1980 something and in a corporate boardroom it is decided to give managers an attractive bonus or a company car in return for a vote for a certain candidate who can deliver a contract which will effectively double the company’s revenues for the next decade.  It is further decided that employees who also go vote to ensure the company’s future success will get election day off, an additional six Fridays of their choice off during the year and a positive review for any upcoming promotions.  This activity is also illegal.  Incentives other than cash which have monetary value are, for legal purposes, considered to be the same as cash.  This was the “Decade of Greed.”

It seems obvious to most voters that this sort of activity should be illegal and people should be prosecuted and/or fined.  There are laws in effect which specifically allow for such punishments.  Occasionally, these laws are actually enforced.  If our democratic processes are to be in any way useful, these laws must be enforced.  I think we can at least agree on that.

Is it any less obvious that an Independent School District (ISD) in the “20-teens,” which incentivizes teachers with days off or relaxed dress codes to vote a certain way, is engaging in the same type of activity as the “sweaty politician” or the “greedy” corporation?  Would it not be just as egregious if this same ISD incentivized students with grades of “100” to register to vote and another “100” to actually go vote, after also trying to influence that vote?  For a student on the margins, these two grades of “100” included in their average might be the difference between graduating high school and becoming just another drop-out.  This is a life changing incentive.  ISD school buses have been used to bring students to the polls.  All of this activity is illegal.

I do not bring up this scenario whimsically.  The above example actually happened in my rural Texas County during the recently concluded open primary election.  It most likely happened in your county too.  In spite of the fact that the history and civics the schools teach our children today are largely works of fiction, I do not think the people running our local schools are so creative they came up with this on their own.  In Texas, the ISDs are as influential as the NEA and teachers’ unions are in other parts of the country.  Their financial interest in perpetuating the public school system and its leftist agenda is the same.  The Public Education industry in Texas is unified through a labyrinth of teacher and administration “professional associations.”  These ISDs are up in arms about Proposition 5 on the Republican ballot and are turning out to defeat it.  In a state with open primaries, we have a lot of Democrats voting on our ballot.  They then vote on all of our other races too.  The net effect is that the Republican primary oftentimes does not properly reflect republican values.  This is how our party gives over the reins of the State House to politically twisted persons like Joe Straus.  I will address this in another article another time.

Proposition 5 is an effort to pry the controlling hand of government, teachers’ unions and ISDs from our public education options.  Sure there are some really good teachers in the system.  But because of the leftist culture in public schools, you would be appalled at how few uncorrupted, quality educators actually remain.  Education results were much better when we had a higher teacher-to-administrator ratio.  The bureaucracy loaded into today’s public school system has administration outnumbering teachers in many locations.  We have sacrificed too many useful educational opportunities to settle for this.  Shop, where trades are learned, and music programs are missing in many schools.  Sports programs with expensive infrastructure have consumed resources which used to be allocated to academic pursuits.  With public school dominance of the funding for our education system, the options for viable alternatives are few.

One does not have to look too deep into the statistics to find how utterly complete the failure of public education has become.  The US lags well behind other developed countries in basic math and reading.  Our national dropout rate is too high.  Even students who graduate seldom have the basic skills necessary to hold even entry level jobs.  Students graduating public universities often have massive debt which they assume is a testament to the quality of the education they received.  Too often they are shocked to find that the little they have learned has not prepared them to make a valuable contribution to any employer.  The system, under the control of government, national teachers’ unions and ISDs, has become badly broken.  Shoveling more money into this black hole never yields a positive result.  Schools and parents, which were once aligned to produce the best result for the student, now experience an adversarial relationship.  Teachers complain about unsupportive parents, but this is a two way street.

Additionally, there is a dark side to public education.  Most teachers are decent, even wonderful human beings.  But look at what goes on in these public schools.  Students are taught to sing songs of praise for one candidate (which you may oppose) while being sent home for wearing a t-shirt supporting a candidate of which you approve.  Your child may be forbidden to say a Christian prayer on school grounds and yet be bused to a mosque for “Become a Muslim for a Day” activities.  Your child may be taught certain leftist dogma as scientific fact even though there is no scientific support for the assertion.  The leftists running your school system are shameless in justifying all of these actions.

Because unions, various professional associations and ISD’s fearing a lawsuit protect teachers ahead of students, teachers involved in sexual abuse are shielded and shuffled around.

Teachers, incompetent to teach the subjects for which they trained are all but impossible to remove from the schools’ payroll.

Too many teachers feel they have license to impose their political and social preferences on students as a corrective to what the student has been taught at home.

The schools in most areas have inserted themselves between the student and the parent.

The school, using tax payer dollars, may take your child to get an abortion and you will never be notified.

Your child may be allowed or even encouraged to pursue a transgendered lifestyle at school while these activities are hidden from his/her parents.

Your parental authority and moral instruction is routinely undermined.

Even if your own child does not get an abortion, the fact that the school routinely usurps parental authority is well known and the students are informed by this practice.


Teachers with no medical training push the drugging of students because they are ill-equipped to deal with the student or to keep their mind constructively occupied.

It is highly likely that the person teaching your child history or government is a socialist.  He is actively teaching your child to hate this country with his distorted view of history and propensity to give no attention to the massive failures of socialism.

These same brainiacs propose protecting your students with a “Gun Free Zone” sign in spite of the fact that these signs seem to fail at the most inopportune times.  Recently, at least one school system in the Northeast used school buses to transport “student activists” (students radicalized in the public schools) to a rally in DC supporting the eradication of Second Amendment rights.  This is a clear case of the left using taxpayer funds to support causes dear to the left and antithetical to the US Constitution.  Is it even possible this school system can teach American History or Civics accurately?

They are not troubled in the least that they have thoroughly corrupted your child’s ability to think.  Students, your children, are merely pawns in the Left’s struggle for absolute power.

It is high time we fix this badly broken system.  Prop 5 is just a small step in the right direction.  All school administrators in these local ISDs who have sought to defeat Prop 5 through a series of unethical and illegal incentives to students, teachers and administration staff should have to face the legal consequences.  Do you think your local prosecutor will do this?  Will our State legislators courageously address this issue taking on powerful education industry associations?  I think it may be up to us to demand action.

Do you have any firsthand knowledge of such things happening in your area?  If so, report it.  If you hear second hand reports of such activities in your area, report that.  If local election officials have mentioned activities like this in your area, encourage them to report it.  Understand, this is not easy for Election Administrators.  They have a relationship with many of these school officials as they assist them in running their own elections.  Additionally, the NEA will come after you like the Clintons tamping down a “bimbo eruption.”  (With no segue at all; I want everyone to know I am not now, nor have I ever been, the least bit suicidal.)

When people we know behave badly, it puts us in an uncomfortable situation.  But the rules must apply equally to everyone.  Justice demands it.  Our children deserve it.  Left unreported, situations like this only become worse.  Let’s put a stop to this before it gets completely out of hand.  Report abuse today.  Use the Texas Secretary of State website.  “Election Information” tab –“Filing Election Complaints” or click  Fill out the complaint form (PDF) and send it to the listed mailing address.

Dr. Jordan Peterson, Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto, warned the audience on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that the leftist war on men and masculinity was being fought out in our public schools.  He says, “The radical left’s insidious movement” preys on boys not men.  “If, in your child’s classroom, concepts like diversity, inclusivity, systemic racism, white privilege, gender equity, or any of that are being taught, get your children out of that class.  “They are being indoctrinated, not educated.”  Tucker suggested that, “You might soon run out of schools.”  Dr. Peterson responded, “That would be just fine; the sooner the better.”  He gets it.  So should we.  For too many students, these public schools have become a toxic environment.  See the entire interview here .  We need options and Proposition 5 provides for that.



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