Where’s the Collusion? Check Out the FBI, CIA, Obama, and the Democratic Party

Collusion is a word that the American people became well-acquainted with over the past two years. The mainstream media made the word commonplace through its wall-to-wall coverage of alleged Russian collusion in Donald Trump’s campaign for president. Even though there has been no proof provided, the media continued on its collusion crusade. After all, since Donald Trump is clearly a terrible person, he had to have done something that amounts to proof, right?

Wrong. Not once has anything proven actual collusion ever occurred. However, over the past two years, we’ve discovered startling new information about another type of collusion- a collusion that is far more heinous and actually illegal than that of the alleged connections between the 45th President of the United States and the Russian Federation. I connected the dots here at the Hayride far before much of this information became current, and with every bit of new information that drops, it becomes more and more apparent that the Democrats have a far worse collusion scandal on their hands.

Everyone has read about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, and how that scandal was rabidly mismanaged by everyone at the FBI from Peter Strzok to James Comey. We’ve read about the situation on the tarmac, and how the DOJ and FBI scrambled to handle that scandal in advance of it occurring. We’re well aware now of the FISA warrants that were issued illegally in order to surveil a U.S. citizen, and thus, the entirety of the Trump campaign. Today, we learned that the FBI, CIA, Obama White House, and the Democratic Party itself were actually colluding on putting Trump under investigation for collusion.


That’s right. The Obama White House was actively involved in putting Trump under investigation. How did this get started? John Brennan, then the CIA Director, briefed Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid over alleged Trump-Russia ties. Reid then penned a letter to James Comey, then the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, urging him to open an investigation into these alleged ties. News broke today through Sara Carter that Peter Strzok and Lisa Page (the two lovers at the FBI) sent multiple texts about Reid and his letter prior to its arrival, indicating they already knew about the matter. Later in the texts, White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough’s last name is mentioned, where Strzok discussed with Page about a briefing that the Chief of Staff would receive on the investigation.

This clearly shows that the White House under President Obama was made aware of even the earliest parts of the investigation into Donald Trump and Russia, despite insistence prior to the election that the President and the White House were not involved in the investigation by the FBI. In fact, congressional investigators noted that the CIA and FBI are independent agencies and that “coordination between political actors at the White House and investigators would be inappropriate.” So, what we have here is what we already knew but hoped would not be true: Democrats actively engaged in a cover-up of criminal activity on behalf of Hillary Clinton (both with the mishandling of classified information and in the Uranium One scandal), engaged in illegal monitoring and unmasking of multiple U.S. citizens (including the current President and his staff), entered evidence into the FISA court illegally to gain the needed warrant to surveil, and started an investigation to politically damage a candidate for the presidency. While it’s been clear for a while that the Trump-Russia investigation has been purely political in nature, this is the most glaring proof we have had in a while of that fact. It’s exactly why we have seen repeated calls for a second special counsel, and it’s why Jeff Sessions has paired a prosecutor from outside of Washington with the Inspector General to investigate these things. The even bigger thing is that this drip of information we are receiving is likely to turn into a flood soon whenever the Inspector General of the DOJ, Michael Horowitz, releases his report. That report was one part of the justification of the firing of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. Imagine what else will come.



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