VIDEO: Louie Gohmert Blows Up The Peter Strzok Hearings

We’ve been monitoring the congressional hearings all day today which include examinations of former FBI agent Peter Strzok, who has infuriated Republicans with a rather smug attitude and a hard-to-swallow narrative that while his text messages to his paramour and colleague Lisa Page showing him to be a rather unhinged anti-Trump partisan who didn’t believe anyone in America should vote for Trump and who intended to “stop” his election, no actions he took investigating the Trump campaign were informed by that bias.

Strzok has flat-out lied repeatedly during his testimony, as evidenced by his having contradicted himself substantially…

The other takeaway from the hearing seems to be that the Democrats on the joint committee (these hearings are a combination of the Intelligence and Oversight committees) are doing everything they can to obstruct an examination of Strzok’s rather untenable position.


And Strzok’s smugness and the Democrats protecting him with an avalanche of non-germane motions, points of order which are not points of order and other illegitimate procedural actions have created a hearing in which the temperature has steadily risen throughout the day.

But when Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) got his time to question Strzok, the water boiled over and all hell broke loose…



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