HVEEM: ICE Is Cracking Down On Employers, Not Just Illegals

ICE is really cranking up its efforts at deporting illegal immigrants due to the green light given by the current administration. In response, a constant stream of criticism has emerged seemingly to deter the effective work of this agency. Too often has ICE been portrayed solely as illegal-nappers. In truth, worksite enforcement of employers has increased dramatically in stride with other pursuits.

From October 2016 through September 2017, employment records were checked at 1,716 worksites. Since October of 2017, employment record checks have risen exponentially. A total of 6,093 worksites have been checked in just the first nine months since the last number was tallied. This has led to an additional 675 criminal arrests of managers and supervisors, compared to just 172 such arrests in the 12 months prior.

The actions of these employers are negligently harming the American worker. Acting Executive Associate Director for HSI Derek Benner said it well when he highlighted, “worksite enforcement protects jobs for U.S. citizens and others who are lawfully employed, [and] eliminates unfair competitive advantages for companies that hire an illegal workforce.”

The illegal immigration crisis is fueled by two roles, the illegal immigrant and the incentivizer. ICE has diligently pursued both groups, aware that the dilemma must be solved on every front. Americans must be held accountable for the part they play in permeating this too long festering wound in the national body.

A reasonable argument can be made that Americans who are aiding and abetting the presence of illegal immigrants deserve the harsher punishment of the two parties. These citizens are knowingly betraying the interests of their fellow countrymen. Without their compliance, it is hard to conceive of how the nation would have gotten to the point where tens of millions of illegals now reside within our borders.

In contrast to the constant portrayal of ICE as having some kind of grudge against foreigners, complicit Americans have perhaps never been pursued with such vigor. The rate of acceleration has just begun. If the green light stays on, patriots can expect the effective work of ICE to only continue to increase.

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