The Hard Left Is Now Going After Ted Cruz As A “Misogynist,” And Their Complaints Are Instructive

Here’s a press release out today from a couple of ridiculously partisan Democrat pressure groups…

Sen. Ted Cruz was named in a new campaign targeting more than a dozen members of Congress as the “Worst for Women” which launched yesterday, with digital ads and a new micro-site featuring an inaugural legislative scorecard produced by American Bridge and UltraViolet PAC.

These members tout Trump’s dangerous and extreme agenda—voting in line with Trump as much as 99 percent of the time. They’ve consistently voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act care, to protect the special interests and profits for the 1%, to defund Planned Parenthood, and against a woman’s right to choose. These members are threatening the lives of women across the country—particularly women of color, rural women, and low-income women.

“Women are poised to play a key role in November. We don’t intend to let that opportunity slip by,” explained Shaunna Thomas, executive director of UltraViolet PAC, a leading national women’s organization.“Senator Ted Cruz is a working threat to women in every respect, whether in their access to health care, fair workplace protections, or protections and recourse for survivors of gendered violence. It’s not just about Sen. Cruz’s demonstrated misogyny—it’s his undermining of low-income women, women of color,  rural women, and immigrant women,  in federal policy.”

“If you are a member of congress putting women’s rights, livelihoods, and actual lives at risk—start making plans for a long vacation after election day, because your political career ends in November,” said Bradley Beychok, president and co-founder of American Bridge.

In conjunction with the announcement of the new microsite, new digital ads on Facebook will link Sen. Cruz with the very worst votes he has cast against women and are sourced back to the new micro-site and legislative scorecard so voters can learn more about Cruz’s support for some of the most extreme anti-woman, racist, anti-immigrant, and homophobic elements of government today.

In creating the list of the ‘Worst for Women’ candidates, American Bridge and UltraViolet PAC conducted an analysis of the voting records from the 114th Congress and 115th Congress and narrowed down a list of those who voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act, to defund Planned Parenthood, for the GOP tax scam, against a minimum wage hike, and for an unconstitutional abortion ban. The groups also took into consideration other parts of the members’ records and histories, including sexist remarks or discriminatory practices.

This is a pretty shameless attempt to dragoon female voters into the Democrat camp by using a typical tactic – that is, ascribing evil motives to those who disagree with the Left’s political agenda.

For example, Cruz is an Obamacare opponent, and somehow that makes him a misogynist. As though there aren’t large numbers of women in America who are furious at the explosion in the cost of health insurance since Obamacare passed, or who are dissatisfied with the size of their deductibles or current coverage compared to 10 years ago. Let’s remember that at the time of Obamacare’s passage in 2010 some 85 percent of the country was satisfied with the quality of their health care coverage; one would presume that 85 percent included a majority of women in America.

But yeah – Cruz opposing Obamacare makes him a misogynist.

Defunding Planned Parenthood? Half of American women oppose abortion. Does that half count? Or is it just misogynistic to advocate policies that half supports. Apparently they aren’t real women.

And then there are the decidedly NOT real women wishing to use a women’s restroom. Cruz’ opposition to such a practice, taking the part of those biologically real women who are uncomfortable with penis-laden “women” invading that space, thus makes him “homophobic” and therefore Worst For Women.

It’s all gobbledygook, and mindless propaganda designed to shovel as much left-wing donor cash out the door as possible while taking a cut for the political consultants and operatives American Bridge and Ultraviolet are paying. It’s a deliverable. Even they know none of it is going to move any votes – independent voters aren’t persuaded by anything these people say, and they’re fine with that.

But the sloppy and transparent messaging here is what’s notable. There’s a very discernible going-through-the-motions character to this which has to be noted. Even the title of this list – Worst For Women – lacks imagination.

Cruz isn’t the only prospective victim here. From the press release, the rest of the list includes Rep. Don Bacon (NE-2); Rep. Dave Brat (VA-7); Rep. Ted Budd (NC-13); Rep. Ron DeSantis (FL-6); Rep. Glenn Grothman (WI-6); Rep. Karen Handel (GA-6); Sen. Dean Heller (NV); Rep. Jim Jordan (OH-4); Rep. Steve King (IA-4); Rep. Jason Lewis (MN-2); Rep. Kevin McCarthy (CA-23); Rep. Steve Pearce (NM-2); Rep. Pete Sessions (TX-32); and Rep. Scott Taylor (VA-2). In other words, a bunch of Republicans they think are either beatable this fall, potential candidates for Congressional leadership positions or rising stars in the party.

Perhaps most entertaining of the group is Handel. She’s a woman, and they’re calling her Worst For Women. That’s awfully presumptuous, no?

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