Caravan Migrants Turn Violent: Molotov Cocktails And Gun Fire

The political tension can be felt across the North American continent. The caravan migrants have far surpassed simple civility. After breaking down gates to get into Mexico, there have been reports of gunfire and the creation of Molotov cocktails.

“Mexican authorities arrested two Hondurans who allegedly shot at federal police officers escorting the migrant caravan across the southern state of Chiapas,” Breitbart reports. “According to Mexico’s Interior Secretariat, two men identified only as 22-year-old ‘Jerson’ and 17-year-old ‘Carlos’ spotted the group of police officers guarding the caravan and began firing at them.”

According to Mexican authorities, the officers were escorting the migrants, and thus providing a service. This makes it difficult to fully understand the motive of the attackers, and why they would attempt to harm or even kill those who are helping the caravan.

Thankfully, no one was injured do to the pistol in use malfunctioning. “The attackers’ pistol jammed, allowing police officers to arrest them without any injuries. Federal authorities seized a .380 caliber Glock with nine rounds still in the magazine,” Breitbart reports.

This outburst of violence comes from the migrants already in Mexico being transported north to the American border. There remains additional caravans trying to gain entry on Mexico’s southern border.


Down here, violence is also festering. Makeshift Molotov cocktails are being made by would be invaders to try and fight off Mexican authorities. These devices are to be used as a means to weaken Mexican defenses and for the migrants to force their way into Mexico.

“Mexico’s immigration authorities issued a warning about individuals in Guatemala who are building Molotov cocktails and other makeshift incendiary devices to be used against federal police officers guarding their southern border,” Breitbart reports.

It is yet to be seen what will stop the forceful invasion of Mexico, and using it as a road to the United States. As security measures intensify, so does the effort of the migrants. The United States will have to deal with thousands of these migrants attempting entry within the coming weeks.



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