Group demands Congress and FTC investigate Google

Google is not simply a search engine. It dominates mobile, video, maps, and data research, collecting more information about our lives than any other company. The Digital Citizens Alliance (DCA) is calling on Congress, the Federal Trade Commission, and state officials to determine “the appropriate role of digital platforms.”

What is appropriate, DCA argues, is knowing how Google handles our private information and how aggressively they profit from it.

“The business model that Facebook perfected – invasive technologies, manipulation, and markets for criminals to sell illicit goods and services – Google practically invented: If you don’t’ pay for the product, you are the product,” the DCA argues.

DCA wants us to demand that Google answer these questions:

  • How much money does Google make off my personal data?
  • How are malicious actors – jihadis, hostile governments and peddlers of illicit goods and services – manipulating Google’s platforms to undermine society and harm consumers?
  • How does Google profit when they do manipulate its platforms?



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