Trump Ad Attacks Dems With Potent “Party Of Crime” Message

Trump turns up the heat in the lead up to election day. Turnout is high across the board. If anyone doubted what the message would be coming from the right going into November 6, all questions have been answered. The President has slammed Democrats and their approach to illegal immigration. This latest ad that Trump posted to his twitter account is perhaps the most potent one yet.

Luis Bracamontes gained entrance into our country due to a failure of immigration policy and enforcement. He killed multiple cops, and his one regret is that he didn’t kill more. He is an illegal immigrant, and the deaths of fellow Americans could have been avoided if he was prevented from residing in the country. Even after he committed multiple counts of murder, he was allowed to stay in the country.

Now America has hostile invaders approaching from the south. Border gates of Mexico have been broken down, shots have been fired at Mexican authorities, Molotov cocktails have been made to attack police. There are even credible reports of MS-13 gang members hiding within the migrant caravans.

This is what Trump seeks to associate with the Democratic party. The ad is not a smear, but honestly highlighting what the policy of Democrats has brought to the United States. Thus, Democrats have been dubbed “The Party of Crime” by the Trump administration. Democrats would rather cater to the interest of foreign nationals than provide security for American communities.

The President has well displayed that he stands for the opposite. As many as 15,000 troops are being mobilized on the southern border. Legislation for the wall has been spoke of as coming right after the midterms. ICE deportations are up so far into Trump’s presidency. America has to make a choice, and the administration is making it quite plain. It comes down to whether voters want border security or “The Party of Crime”.

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