Congressman Steve Scalise Starts The New Year Ready To Take On The Democratic Majority In The House

From losing his mother as a young boy, to losing friends and family to Hurricane Katrina, to almost losing his life to a leftist gunslinger in June 2017, Congressman Steve Scalise is no stranger to overcoming obstacles he faces in his life and career.

Among the latest obstacles soon to be presented to the Louisiana legislator is the inevitable challenges posed to House Republicans (now entering the minority position) by House Democrats, who have taken the majority as the new members were sworn in last week. As seen in a recent Washington Times piece on Scalise, he’s not very optimistic about the Dems that now control the House.

“It’s going to be a change, of course, because we’re going to the minority and we’ll have to be careful and smart…But I believe [new House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi will overreach. This Democratic majority is much farther to the left than when she was speaker before, and that’s saying a lot because they were pretty liberal back then.”

As of late, Scalise has focused his efforts on backing President Trump, namely in his current fight for border security, as well as supporting the National Flood Insurance Program in favor of his home state.

Now having the primary job of legislative obstruction, the minority party has little to no powers aside from the filibuster. This leaves little room for a favorable outcome for the GOP if or when the House Democrats decide to go forth with any presidential impeachment efforts. “There’s clearly a part of the Democratic majority that wants to impeach President Trump at all costs and regardless of any facts. We’ve already seen how quickly things devolve into personal attacks on him,” he says.

In early 2018, rumors swirled that he may have been up for a gubernatorial run, but his recovery process seems to have prevented this. Instead, Congressman Scalise has set his main goal as being to return the GOP to the House majority.



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