HAYRIDE AT CPAC: Conservatives Get Ready To Do Battle With Socialism

This is the first of a series of dispatches from the 2019 Conservative Political Action Conference 

At the very first session at the annual CPAC conference, American Conservative Union head Matt Schapp along with Congressmen Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows laid out the right’s campaign strategy in 2020. They plan to campaign against socialism.

The segment began with a series of video clips portraying Democrats as extreme socialists. “Democrats who ran for president used to run as centrists. Now they’re running as socialists” said Schapp.

Congressman Jim Jordan said that America needs to start celebrating capitalism again. He points out that under America’s capitalist system, Americans can achieve the dream by working hard.

The men then talked about the Green New Deal and its various socialist mandates. Jordan joked that if cows were banned the Chick Fil-A stock would go up and that was good news.

The topic then turned to the 2020 election. Congressman Mark Meadows boldly predicted that President Donald Trump would be easily reelected. “President Trump is going to clean their clock,” said Meadows.


The conversation did not stay on the 2020 election for long. It switched to the threats of impeachment by Democrats against Trump. The congressmen and Schapp both expected Democrats to try and impeach President Trump. Meadows then recounted some Trump administration accomplishments such as the tax cuts, moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, a new NAFTA deal, the growing economy, and the fact President Trump is willing to talk about the right to life at the State of the Union.

The theme bled into the next panel discussion, “What Makes America Great” with former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker taking shots at socialism. Walker spoke about how even foreigners are puzzled that Americans were willing to adopt socialism, especially since socialism was failing all over the world.

Conservatives plan to paint in broad contrasts with a choice between socialism and capitalism. Of course, the Democrats would have to be willing to keep going far left.



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