ABRAHAM: Don’t Blame Coach O. Blame His Boss.

If your boss threatens your job when he doesn’t get his way, a reasonable person will do everything they can to make that boss happy. So when the politician who threatened to shut down LSU football calls the LSU football coach for an endorsement, a reasonable person would wonder what was going through the coach’s mind. Being a political prop for the governor isn’t in Coach O’s contract.

So no, I don’t blame Coach O for his endorsement. He has the right to say whatever he wants. I blame his boss – the Governor – for putting him in that situation. In doing so, John Bel has alienated more than half of LSU’s fan base and politicized something that brings us together collectively as Louisianians: LSU football.

When I’m elected governor, this nonsense is over.

We face a ton of challenges in this state. But we can overcome every single one of them as long as we have a strong leader in the governor’s office. Someone who will put the families of this state first in every decision that is made.


From threatening to cancel LSU football, to scaring seniors by saying they would be kicked out of nursing homes, when given the opportunity, this governor has done what he thinks is best for him politically every single time he’s had the chance. No matter who he hurts. He is not a leader – he’s the problem.



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