No, Morons, Conrad Appel Is Not Racist

One of the most absurd things we’ve ever seen has been playing out on social media over the past week in response to a Facebook post, which also appeared here at the Hayride, by Sen. Conrad Appel making a perfectly logical strategic argument to the black community that perhaps it should rethink its devotion to the Democrat Party.

A snippet from Appel’s column…

The last few decades have seen black success dramatically outperform the 13% of the population that African Americans represent. In areas such as entertainment, sports, media, and politics black Americans occupy far more leadership roles then their numbers would lead one to expect. But herein lies their problem and it resides in the numbers by race as black population numbers remained fixed at that 13% level and others, especially those of Hispanic backgrounds, become greater in proportion.

As noted black leadership in American society has greatly outperformed their population percentage and has especially dwarfed the other non-white races. But as these other races become more and more numerous they will demand the leadership roles that are currently disproportionately held by black American citizens. So in 25 years the current level of black success may well be diminished due to pressure from far more numerous non-white populations.

And this is the great irony of blind support of Democrats by African Americans. The Democrat Party has assumed the position that open borders and unlimited illegal immigration is their cause celebre’. Their logic appears to be that inviting millions of illegal immigrants into the nation will lead to pressure in the future for blanket amnesty and eventual citizenship. That, in their plan, will create an unbeatable mass of Democrat voters for the future.

But that inflow of non-white immigrants will swamp the native black population and accelerate the demand by these new immigrant populations to assume the roles that African Americans enjoy today.

That is basic logic.

Now – you can object to Appel’s characterization of voting patterns among black Americans as “blind support,” but if you do so you’ll at least have to admit he’s stating a fact. When black voters opt for Democrat candidates between 85 and 95 percent of the time it qualifies as monolithic support for that party under any current political standard; nobody can challenge Appel’s statements on that basis.

Nor is he wrong in noting that the black community has been the primary representative of minority America for the last 50 years. This is unquestionable. We just had a black president, after all, and we haven’t had a member of any other recognized minority group occupy the White House.

Should it become manifest, though, that there are more Hispanic Americans than black Americans among registered voters in this country, something which might already be the case, can anyone dispute that such a development would dilute the voting strength and political pull of the black community? Or its economic competitiveness?

Particularly given the dog-eat-dog quality of today’s cultural Marxist-driven intersectional Leftist politics, in which identity groups are stacked like faces on a totem pole according to their levels of grievance. Is it not inevitable that these minority groups, infected with victim mentalities and collectivist ideals, would begin to eat each other?

All Appel is doing is pointing out the obvious – the Democrats have sold out the interests of the black community by aggressively pursuing the importation of a new electorate which won’t necessarily be committed to the advancement of black people. Pakistanis will be for Pakistani advancement first, as will Guatemalans, as will Koreans. That’s only natural.

But he’s being accused of racism for his trouble, and it’s idiotic.

“Sad to read this openly racist, white supremacist-sounding comment,” commented Priscilla Maumus. “Sadder still that I once supported you (over the even more extreme medical equipment salesman). Won’t happen again.”

“Got ya,” was Edward Miller’s reaction. “So African Americans should ‘fear’ the Hispanic immigrants who are seeking the American dream because they threaten our ‘place’ in American Society and join the Trump/Pence Klan.”

Said Victoria Coy: “Yup. Jim Crow politician pitting groups of poor folk against each other. Like we haven’t read books on this, bro.”

These are mouth-breathing morons. He’s not “pitting groups of poor folk against each other,” he’s suggesting that people stop acting as members of an identity group when they make decisions in the voting booth because it clearly isn’t working for them.


At its bottom level, what’s going on here is a growing mentality among Democrats, including white leftists, that it is a racist thing for white people to express an opinion about people who aren’t white.

You saw that earlier this week even within the Democrat Party when Rashida Tlaib, the Palestinian member of the unhinged four Democrat women congresscritters who call themselves The Squad, warned Nancy Pelosi that she was dealing with “women of color” – a clear threat that Pelosi would be accused of racism were she to say anything they didn’t like. It was clearly inherent in the criticism of Donald Trump for his tweets castigating The Squad and Ilhan Omar specifically for her grotesquely anti-American statements; Trump never mentioned race once, and his suggestion that The Squad go back where they came from was a clear shot at Omar – who very probably committed immigration fraud in becoming a citizen.

The implication being that Trump can’t criticize someone who isn’t white for any reason because to do so is evidence of racism. And that’s precisely what’s at work here with Appel’s recent ordeal.

It’s illegitimate. It’s destructive. And it’s about damn time some adults show up on the Left to put a stop to this kind of racial arson before people start getting hurt.



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