MARSH MAN MASSON: Crossing State Lines Pays Off In Bayou LaCroix

The vast majority of my fishing adventures take place in South Louisiana. Even in its eroded and subsided state, the tattered fringe of the lower Bayou State provides endless bayous, bays, lakes and ponds, all begging to be explored. An angler could fish here his whole life, and never cast to the same place twice.

But every now and then I like to hitch up the boat and get out of my comfort zone, spending a few days getting to know the nuances and intricacies of the fishing opportunities in other states. I did that a couple of weeks ago.

My family and I rented a camp on Southern Mississippi’s Bayou La Croix, and although fishing wasn’t the main thrust of the trip, I did spend a couple of mornings mounted up behind my trolling motor to see what I could find. My first outing was successful, more for what it taught me than for the number of fish I caught. What I learned greatly aided me for day two, which is featured in this video.


Conditions could have been better, but they certainly could have been a whole lot worse. Although the tide was slowly trickling in, skies were leaden and actually spit a good bit of rain throughout the morning. The showers made things uncomfortable, but the falling barometric pressure — thanks to the early days of what would become Hurricane Barry — inspired the fish to feed.

Like the video? Please give it a thumbs-up, and subscribe to the Marsh Man Masson channel on YouTube. Also, leave a comment below or on the YouTube page. Have you ever fished this section of the Mississippi coast? If so, how’d you fare? In general, do you enjoy fishing new states or otherwise unfamiliar areas to see what you can find?



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