Robert Mills Sure Is Picking Up A Lot Of Support In His Race Against Ryan Gatti…

…as yesterday Mills announced some pretty sizable endorsements from heavy hitters on the GOP side. A press release from the campaign:

The campaign of Robert Mills for Louisiana Senate District 36 announced today endorsements from top Republican leaders in the state, including U.S. Senator John Kennedy, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, U.S. Congressman Mike Johnson, among others.

Mills, who brings 40 years of experience in the oil, gas and timber industries, is running as a conservative alternative to the incumbent, Ryan Gatti, in the district which encompasses all or parts of Bossier, Webster, Claiborne and Bienville Parishes.

“Robert Mills is the exactly the kind of person that we need serving in Baton Rouge right now, and I am delighted to endorse his candidacy,” said Senator Kennedy. “He will bring a higher standard of conservative principle and expertise to the Louisiana State Senate and will make the folks of Northwest Louisiana proud.”

“Robert Mills is a man of unquestionable character and integrity,” said Attorney General Landry. “He is exactly the opposite of a typical politician, and you can always trust what he says. With his decades of success in business and industry, he will help us lead the critical reforms we need in this state to cut taxes and burdensome regulations, reduce the size and scope of government, and create jobs.”

“I have known and trusted Robert for a long time as a committed Christian leader, and a man of uncommon wisdom and integrity,” said Congressman Johnson. “He is 100 percent pro-life, 100 percent pro-religious liberty, 100 percent pro-Second Amendment, and is a 100 percent consistent, limited government, constitutional conservative. The people here in District 36 deserve that kind of leadership at the State Capitol.”

Local conservative leaders like State Representatives Alan Seabaugh and Raymond Crews also threw their support behind Mills, citing his strong conservative credentials.

“Having seen it firsthand, now more than ever, we need real leaders in Baton Rouge with the courage to vote their conservative convictions, not just spout off empty rhetoric at election time. I know Robert Mills. When it comes to protecting taxpayers and the hardworking families of Northwest Louisiana, you can trust he’ll be in our corner every time”, said Seabaugh.

“It’s pretty simple…if we’re going to get this economy turned around and provide our families with the tax relief they deserve, then we need Robert Mills fighting alongside us in the state senate. Robert is a proven job creator and rock-solid conservative. He’s got my full support,” said State Rep. Raymond Crews.

“I am humbled to have the endorsement and encouragement of these extraordinary leaders and friends,” said Mills. “Sheila and I and our family are tremendously grateful for the support. Our momentum continues to grow as we meet more and more voters and community leaders
and share my conservative vision for Northwest Louisiana and our state.”

Last month, Mills received the coveted endorsements of the state’s largest conservative organizations, including the Louisiana Coalition for a Conservative Majority, the Louisiana Oil and Gas Association, the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry’s North PAC, the Louisiana Chemical Association and the Louisiana Home Builders Association, Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association, and the Associated Builders and Contractors.

The Mills campaign will announce additional endorsements from state and local elected officials, and other influential business and community leaders in the days to come.

We’ve got to be honest – we can’t remember a legislative candidate running against an incumbent Republican who’s managed to collect this much support from institutional players and big-name political figures. It’s really something remarkable what Mills has managed to put together thus far.

And there are two reasons for it. First, Robert Mills is pretty much everything you’d want in a state senator. He’s a business guy who actually knows how to run things and generate economic growth, and he understands the free market having run an oil refinery for a pretty long period of time. He’s a community leader who’s been highly respected in the Shreveport-Bossier area for years. And he’s a very, very nice guy who really cares about people. To know him is to like him. Not to mention he’s walked the walk as a conservative, having been willing to help with time and money in fighting the good fight.


The other reason is Ryan Gatti is just awful. He’s one of the worst RINO’s in the modern history of the Louisiana legislature, and he’s a relentless panderer to the social conservative cause – to such an extent that he’s brought bills on school prayer and abortion which are patently unconstitutional and would do more damage than good, and continued pushing them after others on the right side of those issues told him he was making things worse. Gatti, a plantiff attorney, also helped to kill a tort reform bill this past session which would have brought Louisiana in line with other states’ laws with respect to car wrecks and therefore created downward pressure on our sky-high car insurance rates, and he’s touting a 90-minute video of a presentation he made at a Republican group explaining why. It should go without saying that if it takes you 90 minutes to explain why you voted against a bill, your argument isn’t all that good.

By no means can we guarantee this nearly unanimous support by statewide Republicans for Mills will prove decisive. It’s going to be a tough race, and it’s difficult to unseat an incumbent. But there’s a reason all these people are going public for Mills – the perception is there that this is a real opportunity to flip a Senate seat from RINO to conservative, and that’s worth fighting for.



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