APPEL: On John Bel’s Ridiculous Ad Claiming Republican Support

Governor Edwards has a re-election ad running that would have you believe that he has Republican backing all over the state. It makes you believe that he is a conservative person, one who, unlike his history, believes in compromise.

My response in one word – BALONEY!

Let me share the 2018 US News rankings for Louisiana;

  • Healthcare 47th (note this is actual healthcare not Medicaid insurance)
  • Education 49th (yet Edwards and the unions want to undo all the reforms over the last few years)
  • Economy 44th (this is mostly propped up by Jindal’s economic development efforts)
  • Opportunity 50th (yet Edwards says we are doing great)
  • Infrastructure 44th (yet Edwards has done nothing, zero for infrastructure)
  • Crime 48th (yet Edwards’ goal is to just reduce prisoners by 5,500, not create opportunity for ex-cons)
  • Fiscal Stability 48th (yet Edwards refuses to restructure government, reform pensions, or to fill the Rainy-Day Fund)
  • Quality of Life 42nd (well at least we have Mardi Gras)

I do not know one Republican (I mean one true conservative Republican that isn’t beholden to the governor) that supports John Bel Edwards. The Republicans I know reject his far-left Democrat policies and are crying out in desperation for a new governor with a vision for a better Louisiana.


No true Republican would support a governor who is satisfied with numbers like these and whose whole claim to fame is that he raised taxes by hundreds of millions of dollars to sustain a state government whose return to the people is as US News says, 50th in America.



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