On any trip into the marsh, if you have great success with one species, you go home whistling. You kiss your wife when you walk through the door. You hug your kids. You give the dog a few extra kibbles. And you suddenly don’t even have the urge to pour diesel on your neighbor’s prized rosebushes.

Catching fish just makes everything better.

My longtime fishing buddy Larry Frey and I hoped for that level of productivity during a trip this week into the marshes of South Louisiana. We had marsh bass on the brain, and had committed to fishing areas that we’d passed on our travels through the wetlands but had never taken the time to actually explore with fishing rods in hand.

We knew we’d probably bump into a few redfish along the way, since reds and bass often crowd the same areas and attack the same baits. But we had no idea the reds would seemingly chase us everywhere we went, often making it tough to focus exclusively on the bass.

After covering some water, however, we located an area that was stacked with bass, and we put them in the boat on almost every cast.

With that urge satiated, we decided to really push our luck and see if we could locate feeding speckled trout. The annual fall run has gotten off to a late start this year, thanks to unseasonably scorching temperatures throughout the month of September, so we weren’t entirely confident we could find enough fish to maintain our interest, especially since we knew aggressive bass were really close by.


But autumn in South Louisiana often presents some of the easiest speckled trout fishing of the year, and it certainly did for us. We put the fish in the boat almost as quickly as we could get our lures in the water, with Frey yanking them over the gunwale two at a time while using a double rig.

I’ve been fishing the marshes since I was 7 years old, and it was one of the greatest fishing experiences of my life.

Check out all the details in the video below.

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