SO LET’S–GEAUXXX: The Rock Narrates Chilling Championship Video

You’ll want to stay till the end and watch this one….

Narrated by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

The closer I get to the top

The more I think about rock bottom.

The closer I get to the finish line

The more I think about where I started.

I remember the past

And it anchors me to the present.

I remember dark days

And hungry nights.

I remember being told I wasn’t good enough

And wondering if it was true.

I remember having nothing

Giving everything

And yet still falling short.

Rock bottom transformed me,

Fortified me,

It made me who I am.

It made me promise myself

To never go back,

To never forget.

I remember every doubt–

That’s why I believe.

I remember every failure—

That’s why I succeed.

I remember every defeat—

That’s why I win.

I remember rock bottom–

That’s why I know where I’m going.

So let’s…


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