Meet The NOLA City Inspector Who Didn’t Bother Visiting The Hard Rock Site

Fox 8 in New Orleans has completely destroyed Julie Tweeter, the left-wing nut city inspector in New Orleans who, it appears, signed off on construction work on the Hard Rock Hotel project without even actually laying eyes on it. Then the building collapsed and killed three people, and it’s an eyesore on a cocktail of steroids and crystal meth for everyone visiting the city to see.

Welcome to your 15 minutes of fame, Julie.

New Orleans City Hall officials are investigating whether employees signed off on inspections at the construction site of the Hard Rock Hotel without visiting the project.

The construction site collapsed on October 12, 2019, killing three men. The bodies of two of the workers have yet to be recovered from the site. Since the collapse, several agencies have opened investigations into the collapse and the city’s safety and permits office.

FOX 8 News has obtained and analyzed GPS data from the City of New Orleans Department of Safety and Permits that shows several times inspectors logged they signed off on projects at the site, but vehicle data shows they did not visit.

“What you did is what any investigator we hope is doing,” FOX 8 Legal Analyst Joe Raspanti said.

On July 18, 2019, records from the Department of Safety and Permits showed out of 21 vehicles in service that day not one came close to the Hard Rock Hotel construction site.

The city shows inspector Julie Tweeter signed off on work at the construction site that day, but GPS records from the department’s vehicle fleet seems to tell a different story. Through the data, FOX 8 was able to determine which vehicle Tweeter likely drove. It stopped at her house for nearly two hours around noon but never came close to the Hard Rock site at 1031 Canal Street.

It gets worse. She wasn’t even a commercial building inspector for a big chunk of the time she was supposed to be doing building inspections at the Hard Rock site (not that it makes much difference whether she was certified as a building inspector when she wasn’t actually inspecting buildings).

A city inspector that performed several inspections at the Hard Rock Hotel construction site was not certified during some of those inspections, records obtained by FOX 8 show.

Julie Tweeter, an inspector with the New Orleans Department of Safety and Permits, logged performing inspections at the Hard Rock Hotel site. A partial collapse of that construction site killed three men in October and now several investigations are ongoing into the collapse and the city’s department of safety and permits.

The Louisiana State Fire Marshal’s Office confirms Tweeter did not register as a commercial building inspector until the Summer of 2018. Before that time, according to inspection logs in the Department of Safety and Permits, Tweeter visited the Hard Rock Hotel construction site six times to perform inspections.

The State of Louisiana requires inspectors to be certified by the International Code Council and register that certification with the state fire marshal’s office.

After receiving that certification in July 2018, Tweeter continued to inspect the Hard Rock Hotel site. FOX 8 analyzed GPS data from the department’s fleet of vehicles and found at least four times Tweeter claimed to inspect the Hard Rock Hotel site, but the GPS records indicate she was not in the area.

One example on October 1, less than two weeks before the collapse, GPS records show Tweeter arrived at New Orleans City Hall at 7:58 a.m. and stayed there until 1 p.m. She then drove a few spots in the Central Business District but not coming close to the Hard Rock Hotel site. However, in city inspection logs, Tweeter signed off on a slab inspection at the construction site.

It’s so bad it’s funny, or would be funny if there weren’t still two dead bodies encased (though one partially visible) in the failed concrete structure Tweeter signed off on.

What’s even funnier is this picture, which has made the rounds on social media and elsewhere on the internet. Because a simple Google search will turn up Julie Tweeter’s address and a Google Street View of it will turn this up…

Two things about this are entertaining, in a cynical New Orleans gallows-humor sort of way.

First, that looks like Tweeter’s City of New Orleans truck in the driveway, which is fairly hilarious considering it appears she and the truck were at that house when she said she was at the construction site signing off on the work. No, Google Street View’s picture didn’t capture that very moment; at least we don’t think so.

And second, that house, with its peeling paint and rusted gutter and, shall we say, “suspect” landscaping, wouldn’t appear to qualify its resident to inspect anybody else’s place. This is who gets hired as a building inspector for the City of New Orleans? Keepers of eyesores?


Since Tweeter’s name was outed by Fox 8, she lawyered up and, as you might imagine, vaporized all of her social media accounts. But not quickly enough, as it turns out, and boy, was there some fun stuff on her Facebook and Twitter.

The internet found her and screenshotted the hell out of those social media accounts.

There’s one pic of her wearing a “Resist” hat.

And there’s another with the shirt…

And the retweets of Hillary’s whackjob Putin references…

And some other winners…

Browbeating people to “DoUrJob” on Twitter and then to have all this come out is, well…

If there’s a lesson here, beyond how mind-blowingly awful the City of New Orleans is at every single basic function of government, it’s a reiteration of our iron rule that the Democrat Party and the American left are a party and political movement by, of and for people incapable of doing a proper job at honest work. Here is somebody who’s blatantly unqualified and horrible at her job, so much so that people get killed either because she’s that lazy and incompetent or because she’s on the take and paid off to falsify inspection reports, and of course she’s covering her social media with far-left wacko “Resist” stuff. How many people who are actually good at what they do are running around proclaiming membership in “the resistance?” Do you know any?

Is this to say every left-wing government bureaucrat is lazy and terrible at their jobs? No.

Well, then again…