GURVICH: A Message To Our Pro-Life Democrat Friends

If you had browsed through yesterday’s news stories carefully enough, you just might have stumbled upon the results of a Democrat congressional primary in faraway Illinois, specifically in southwest Chicago and its suburbs. What has this to do with the politics of Louisiana, you may well ask? I’ll give you a hint- I am not using the word “faraway” in its literal geographic sense, but as a moral and political metaphor.

To be precise, an eight term congressman by the name of Dan Lipinski was defeated in the Democrat primary by Marie Newman, a far left progressive. We have seen this scenario play out before- a socially conservative moderate Democrat is politically assassinated by a “woke” progressive with a far more extreme social agenda. As I am not in the habit of defending anyone who remains a Democrat at this point in time, I will simply give you the facts about Mr. Lipinski and you can judge him yourself:

He is a married fifty-three year old Catholic with excellent academic credentials- a B. S. from Northwestern, an M. S. from Stanford, and a PhD. from Duke. He was a college professor at Notre Dame and then Tennessee until 2005, when, like his father before him, he was elected to represent the 3rd Congressional District of Illinois. By general consensus he is considered to be of the old school ”moderate Democrat” persuasion, which was once a force in Chicago politics but for all practical purposes has now been completely extinguished with his fall from Congress.

Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez predictably endorsed his opponent, as did the usual progressive cabal- Planned Parenthood, Justice Democrats, Democracy for America, NARAL, Emily’s List, etc. Despite his fifteen years of service as a Democrat member of the U. S. House of Representatives, Speaker Pelosi and Democrat fund-raising organizations would not bestir themselves to assist in his re-election.

Now the relevance of this story to us is that Mr. Lipinski is one of the very few remaining pro-life Democrats in Congress (Henry Cuellar is still left in Texas), and left-wing progressives from all over the country made common cause to defeat him. We can all agree that the Democrat Party has swung sharply to the left on virtually every issue, but the turnabout on abortion is truly stunning. The party now effectively calls for abortion on demand at any stage of pregnancy. This would have been unthinkable even twenty years ago, but the party now faces strident demands from far left progressives for the outright acceptance of infanticide.


The Democrats hope to regain power in a little over seven months. If their assault on our Constitutional rights, their physical intimidation of opponents, and their job-killing plans for a Socialist paradise don’t alarm you to the core, perhaps their utter determination to stamp out the last remaining pro-life members of the party will finally convince you that this is not a party to which you can any longer belong.

MESSAGE TO PRO-LIFE DEMOCRATS: This is a problem which can easily be remedied with a quick visit to the website. It takes less than five minutes to change your party registration.

MESSAGE TO MY FELLOW REPUBLICANS: Pass this message on to your Democrat friends!



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