Trump Endorses Cassidy, Loon Dems Call It A “Kiss Of Death” On Twitter

There is word that Republican donor and hedge fund behemoth Paul Singer, who was in the news a few weeks ago after Tucker Carlson eviscerated him for buying up Cabela’s and closing down the company’s Nebraska headquarters, is about to run a hostile takeover of Twitter. If Singer does that and reverses the social media app’s free speech policies it will be interesting to see what results come.

Because to be honest, Twitter is the public bathroom of the internet.

To prove this, find any tweet put out by a major political figure and you’ll understand. Some of the stupidest things and worst ideas which could emanate from human beings make their way onto Twitter, and they come in bushels.

So yesterday, when President Trump offered up a fairly ho-hum endorsement of Bill Cassidy’s re-election – not ho-hum in the sense that Trump’s endorsement isn’t significant, but ho-hum in that the endorsement didn’t say anything particularly newsworthy and we all knew Trump was going to endorse the senator’s re-election – the toilets quickly backed up in the internet’s public bathroom.

Trump’s endorsement…

…and the stupidity it set off:

This was one of umpteen similar responses, and it shows just how idiotic Democrats are. Somehow because Matt Bevin and Eddie Rispone lost, Trump’s endorsement of Cassidy is a kiss of death.

This despite the fact Cassidy is sitting on $5 million in cash on hand and his opponent so far is a community organizer who couldn’t break 20 percent in a Baton Rouge Metro Council race.


Of course, there were also a goodly number of these…

And there was this…

Eugene Gu is a Twitter troll and, it seems, practitioner of sexual assault who was fired from his job at Vanderbilt University Medical Center for being a complete train wreck in the workplace. He has lots of time on his hands, and now Cassidy is on his radar.

Not that Cassidy or his team are afraid.

And this…

Which is significant in that last week the Democrats and their media allies ginned up the meme that somehow the coronavirus is Trump’s fault, so this week the left-wing Twitter trolls are regurgitating it nonstop.

Of course, given that the Dow jumped 5.1 percent in one day yesterday, it doesn’t look like the effort to castigate a successful president for somebody else’s mistakes is going to pan out.



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